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Increasing the size of the penis with surgery in Iran

Increasing the size of the penis with surgery in Iran

Penile Enlargment in Iran

Enlargement of the penis is one of the treatment methods to solve the smallness of the penis. There are different methods to increase the size of the penis, which we point out to check the effectiveness of each of these methods.

Increasing the size of the penis has free costs without insurance coverage and requires skilled surgeons. Our great suggestion is to penis enlargment in Iran to reduce the cost and benefit from the best surgical methods.

First, the size of normal penis in men of different ages should be checked and then we will deal with treatment and surgery.What people are looking for is increasing penis length and having high strength in sex.


Minimum size for reproduction

Average penis length



3.1 – 5.5

1 – 2


4.4 – 6.9

2 – 4


4.8 – 6.9

4 – 6


5.2 – 7.2

6 – 8


5.3 – 7.3

8 – 10


5.3 – 7.5

10 – 13


11.7 – 14.9



Physically, the minimum size of male genitals for reproduction is 9.3 cm.


How is penile measurement method?

From the tip of the penis to the junction of the testicular skin to the beginning of the penis, it is considered as the normal size of the penis.


Male penile structure

1- Urethra from bladder to tip of penis which is also the place of sperm drainage

2- Skin

3- Glens (penis head) the most sensitive part of the penis

4- Testicles and skin of the testicles and ducts of the production and discharge of sperm into the penis

5- Cavernosa: On both sides of the penis, when stimulated and filled with blood, it stimulates and straightens the penis.

6- Spongiosum: A type of erectile tissue that surrounds the urinary tract and continues to the head of the penis.


Penis size and its effect on sex:

The size of the penis is very important for reproduction and having confidence in men during sex, and is one of the things that men are looking for to do the best in looking better.

It may be hard, but sometimes because of this problem, men find themselves sexually isolated due to lack of self-confidence

Men in a sexual relationship are looking for pleasure and proof of strength; and women are looking to prove beauty and charm and enjoy those sex

Something that makes men keen to have a normal and attractive penis for a sexual relationship with their sexual partner.


Penile types:

1-Pencil: The reason for this naming is because of the narrowness and stretching of this type of genitals, which has a narrow penis head)
2- Pepper (capsicum): A type of penis that has a short size but thickness in its entire length (such as capsicum) and has a large penis head.
3- Cone: A type of penile that the head of the penis is thin like a pencil and delicate and thickens along the trunk of the penis.
4- Banana: A type of penile shape that, like banana fruit, has a thin trunk of arched stature upwards. This form of the penis can be caused naturally or by an injury during circumcision or as a child due to falling and fracture of the penis. If the arch is congenital, it is called peyronie and 7% of men have this disorder.
4- Hammer: This type of penis has a normal base and maybe a little slim and large head like mushrooms and has an abnormal penis head in terms of magnitude
5- Sausage: The most common form of genitals among men is the sausage penis. This type of sexual state has a medium thickness and length and uniform appearance.
6-Cucumber: This type of penis has a good and thick size and is the best shape in terms of uniformity and diameter of the penis among men.


Ways to correct the shape and size of the penis in men:

Most of the questions and requests in men to increase the size of the penis and in some cases also because the penis is crooked.


1- Treatment hidden or small penis in men in Iran: In this case, the penis is hidden in the abdomen and the penis looks very small and in cases where people have local obesity is seen much shorter and only the head of the penis can be seen. In this method, the treatment of excess fat under the abdomen and around the penis is removed and the penis reaches normal size.


2- Removal of excess skin of the penis in Iran: In some people the testicle is hung from the areas ahead of the normal size of the penis. In these people, the testicle (extra curtain on the penis) is removed and the penis will get a better view. Although the size of the penis does not change, it looks better.


3- Ligament amputation surgery and increased penis size in Iran: In this method, the ligaments to which the roots of the penis are attached and cause the penis not to be too large and the penis is taken 1 to 2 cm ahead, its size and shape will be improved.


4- Injection of gel into men's penis in Iran: In this method, the diameter of the genitals is enlarged by using gel or fat injections from your body.

5- Penile size enhancement surgery by releasing tissues in Iran: In this method, penile hanging ligaments are released and a flap is used to cover the skin and black vein transplantation to the genitals to increase its length is another way to increase the size of the penis.

Penile prosthesis is also used in people with erectile lifting problems.

In other articles, we will review each of these methods.


Costs of penis enlargment in Iran

According to the type of method of choice and underlying diseases or problems that cause this condition, different methods are used to penis enlargment in Iran. But the costs are very suitable compared to other European countries where prices start at $10,000, and with lower amounts, this can be done, which requires review by urologists and plastic surgeons. Contact us to find out the exact price by chatting online.

Why is Iran a suitable choice for increasing the size of the penis?

1- The low cost of penis enlargement in Iran
2- The availability of the best urological surgeons for penis enlargement surgery in Iran




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