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Increase penile diameter by filler injection in Iran

Increase penile diameter by filler injection

Increase the size of the penis through filler injection in Iran


It is unrealistic to use some of the devices seen in advertisements that increase the diameter of the penis. Men's concerns about the diameter of their penises from the past have always existed.

If men don't have a good impression of the diameter of their penis during sex, it reduces their self-esteem, and negative imagination can also cause depression.


Natural penis size

Penile diameter normally: 8 to 10 cm and

Normal penile length: 12 to 15 cm.

In certain situations, there are problems such as penile deformity (due to injury or congenital problems) or penile size is less than normal in such situations there is a need for treatment.

Medicinal treatments and herbs or oils and lotions are not applicable in this regard, do not be fooled by the networks.

 The main and scientific way to increase diameter and correct penile deformity is filler injection or surgery.

Reasons for small penis in men:

1- Microphalos penis which is a congenital problem when the urethra opens under the penis.

2- Increase the speed and disease of pyroni and erection with pain

3- Prostate Cancer and Prostate Surgery

4- Hidden penis that is not lowered from the abdomen or the person in question is obese.

What is the best way to increase the diameter of the penis?

Filler and fat injections into the penis are ways to increase the diameter of the penis. It has FDA approval and 100% effectiveness.

In injecting fat into the penis, fat from other parts of the body is usually removed under the abdomen and around the penis, which also increases the length of the penis, or the flanks and thighs.

After anesthesia in the penis is injected. This method is inexpensive and has a high shelf life. In filler injection after anesthesia, filler (gel) is injected into the penis and the trunk of the penis is massaged to spread the gel and the type of gels are different in this method. To study the types of injectable gels, you can refer to this article on our blog.

Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used gel in increasing penile volume. This gel is FDA approved and a type of polysaccharide that is also available in our body compounds has been used.


Results of filler injections into the penis in Iran:

You will see changes immediately and this method can add 1 to 2 cm normally to the diameter of the penis and has a lasting two years and then needs to be extended.

After filler injection, special ointments are used to massage the penis for a uniform appearance.


Preparations before injecting fillers into the penis in Iran:

1- Stop smoking and alcohol because smoking alone reduces the size of the penis and delays the recovery period.

2- If you have diabetes or other autoimmune diseases, be sure to inform the urologist.

3- Shave the penile site the night before surgery and go to the bathroom.

4- Before going to the operating room, be sure to go to the toilet for washing and emptying the bladder

5- You can talk to our doctors and medical experts about your concerns through telemedicine.


Post-injection care of fillers and fats into the penis in Iran:

1- You will be discharged the day after surgery in case of no problems.

2- You may have numbness in the penis, but this problem is due to inflammation that is resolved after 3 to 7 days.

3- After injecting fat or filler into the penis for up to 14 days, you should not have sex.

4- Use topical ointments and oral medications that your doctor has prescribed for you on a regular basis.

5- In case of symptoms of infection (redness, fever, discharge) in your daily history sheets in the Tourism Angels treatment app, you can let us know.

6- Fill out your daily autobiographical sheets.


What are the costs of injecting filler or fat into the penis in Iran?

Increase penis size cost is expensive in European countries, considering that it is not covered by insurance. Penis enlargement costs $2,000 to $3,000 by fat injection and penis enlargement costs $4,500 to $5,500 by filler injection. While in Iran, with one-third to one-quarter of that amount, you can do this surgery.

For detailed information on prices, please check the price list or contact our health experts in the online chat and free evaluation section for free.

After your arrival at Iran for therapeutic and surgical measures (injection of filler and fat into the penis in Iran) free membership and hospitalization in our virtual hospital in the treatment application and in the sexual rehabilitation clinic, you will be a member and your daily follow-up will be done in this way.

Digital medical records and telemedicine are our services for you on this trip.

And six months of free online medical support from our services is for you to reduce and control unwanted medical complications.




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