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Heart Bypass Surgery in Iran

Heart Bypass Surgery

Cardiac bypass surgery to treat coronary artery problems (CABG) / the best cardiac surgeon for cardiac bypass surgery in Iran / the best specialized cardiac hospitals for cardiac bypass surgery


If the problem of vascular stenosis is not resolved by using angiography and medication, there is a need for open heart surgery. In open heart surgery, a part of the coronary artery (the vascular that supplies blood to the heart) is removed if there is stenosis and transplanted from the leg vessels instead.

Procedure for heart bypass surgery:

Open heart surgery should be performed in a sterile environment in the operating room, this surgery is performed in two ways:

In the classic open heart operation, the chest opens and vascular repair and transplantation are performed.

In closed heart surgery, several holes are made in the chest through which a vascular transplant is performed.

In heart bypass surgery, a vessel (suffon vein) is removed from the leg and one side is attached to the aorta and the other side to the blocked site where blood supply is restricted. In each operation, 2 to 4 vessels can be transplanted. Venous heart bonds last about 5 to 10 years, after which 50 percent of them are blocked again, and after 10 to 15 years, about 15 percent of these veins stay open. But the heart can easily tolerate these blockages and, if necessary, angioplasty can be used and there is no need for a re-operation of the heart.

Arteries can also be used (hand artery) and chest (LIMA) and because they have thicker walls, they are more suitable for transplantation, more for left descending heart artery (LAD) artery is used and veins can be used for other vessels.

In open heart surgery, two methods are performed which require pumping for circulation of blood flow. (In fact, a type of artificial heart during heart surgery) and another method does not require this pump. This pump is responsible for circulation and oxygen supply.


What is open heart surgery?

- Replacement of heart valves

- Angioplasty

- Heart transplant

- In case of congenital heart defects and problems

- Removing arterial obstruction

Open heart surgery lasts about 4 to 6 hours and requires complete anesthesia. About 8 to 10 inches of chest opens in this operation.


Complications of open heart surgery:

- Possibility of infection at the incision site

- Postoperative bleeding

- Heart system disorder

- Probability of heart attack and stroke

- Tamponade.


All complications of surgery are managed by an excellent surgical team and subspecialty care and free 6-month support are provided by doctors and medical staff and daily history will be taken from you and notified to the medical staff.


Preparations before open heart surgery:

- Blood tests and measurements of heart-specific enzymes and hormones

- Chest X-ray

- Exercise test and heart echo

- Electrocardiogram

- Low-fat and low-salt diet (DASH diet proposed by the National Heart Organization)

- Quit smoking and alcohol

- Avoid stress


Recommendations at the time of hospitalization:

After open heart surgery, you will be in the intensive care unit for one to two days because you need to measure the exact vital signs and you will be in the ward for a week and rehabilitation exercises and etc. to improve performance.


Open heart postoperative care:

- Over time, recovery is achieved, so don't worry, stress is a negative factor in your healing process.

- Use your medications on a regular basis

- Controlling diabetes and blood pressure

- Quit smoking and alcohol

- Diet (DASH)

- Adjust daily activities

- Prevent heavy exercise

- Be careful in climbing stairs and heavy activities

What is the cost of open heart surgery in Iran?

The costs of open heart surgery in Iran are very suitable compared to other countries and have a high number of successful operations in the Middle East. Iran has the largest specialized heart centers.

After knowing the price list, please check the price list and click on your request in the free evaluation or online chat section to get cardiac advice from your cardiologist.

Upon your arrival at Iran, you will be given a digital medical file and a telemedicine will be provided for you.





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