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Gastric bypass surgery in Iran for weight loss/low cost

Gastric bypass surgery for rapid weight loss in Iran
Gastric bypass surgery for rapid weight loss in Iran

Gastric bypass surgery for rapid weight loss in Iran

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the methods of slimming surgery in people who cannot get thin through diet and exercise methods.

Generally, in this method, the volume of the stomach is reduced and the pathway of the period is shortened and the food is drained without complete digestion.

Gastric bypass surgery is very effective in the treatment of obesity (overweight) and treatment of obesity-dedicated diseases such as heart disease, apnea, type 2 diabetes, and prevention of stroke caused by obesity.

Who has gastric bypass surgery?

1- Having BMI>40 (severe obesity)

2- High risk diseases associated with obesity and having 40>BMI >35

Gastric bypass surgery is indicated for several clinical reasons including benign and malignant upper gastrointestinal tract pathologies. Any gastric resection or bypass procedure interferes with gastric emptying and the aim of reconstruction is to minimize the disturbance to the upper gastrointestinal physiology. Gastric bypass procedures induce early satiety, with or without concomitant impaired absorption of nutrients, and offer the best solution for morbid obesity. The long-term health benefits of gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity must be found to outweigh the operative risks and side-effects of gastric bypass and thus patient selection is fundamental.(https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405857216300328)


Method of gastric bypass for slimming: 

This surgery is performed in the hospital and in the sterile operating room and patients are under complete anesthesia and through endoscopy by making a few small incisions on the abdomen through the camera and with the robot this surgery is done. In this surgery, an incision is made from under the cardia (the inlet valve of the stomach that connects the esophagus to the stomach) and the esophagus is removed from the head of the stomach, and there is a small stomach made from the esophagus and a large stomach (previous stomach). The small intestine is cut shortly after duodenum and attached to the small stomach made of esophagus, and the previous (large) stomach is attached to the small intestine pathway to produce and secrete digestive enzymes through duodenum.


Benefits of gastric bypass slimming surgery:

1- Reducing the volume of the stomach

2- Slimming and rapid weight loss (about 60-80%)

3- Reduced desire and food consumption

4- An Early Path

5- Return of weight and obesity is very low and unlikely

6- It is possible to reactivate the main stomach and repair the main digestive pathway

7- Treatment of diabetes and hypertension


Disadvantages and complications of gastric bypass surgery

Bleeding: Bleeding control can be controlled by choosing the right surgeon and not using aspirin and anti-clotting drugs before surgery and not smoking.

Pulmonary embolism: Clotting in the body after surgery that taking anti-clotting drugs under the supervision of a doctor as well as using anti-embolism socks as well as early movement after surgery and active and passive movements (relaxing and tightening the muscles of the legs at rest and bending and straightening the legs) can prevent these complications.

Risk of abdominal food leakage and infection: Using the correct diet and using food in small volumes in the first few days, this possibility disappears and its diagnosis is the symptoms of infection and increased heart rate, etc. This problem is treated with serum therapy and low dietary volume if the leakage is very low, otherwise it is necessary to have re-surgery.

Nausea and vomiting: This can happen if the volume of food is too normal.

Indigestion and dehydration: Due to changes in digestion and shortening of the digestive tract, which is resolved by observing the diet and accumulation of fluids consumed and reducing fat intake.

Gastric ulcers: This is especially likely in smokers who use medications such as ibuprofen or gelofen.

gastric bypass surgery in iran
gastric bypass surgery in iran

Comparison of gastric bypass surgery & gastric sleeve surgery

Preparations before gastric bypass surgery in Iran:

1- Avoid taking oral contraceptives and hormone therapy

2- Taking vitamin B-complex, Fe, zinc, vitamin C can be effective in preoperative preparation for rapid recovery.

3- Do not use medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, gelofen, advil and motrin.

4. Avoid tea and caffeine, coffee, soft drinks, cigarettes and alcohol.

5- Make sure the food is healthy so that you do not suffer from food poisoning.

6. Have a positive mindset and belief.

7- Taking supplements and medications prescribed by the doctor to prevent indigestion, anemia, etc. It is necessary.

8- Performing abdominal ultrasound according to physician's instructions for health check

9- Periodic tests to assess the level of health

10- Fill out your daily biography sheet in the Tourism Angels app


Costs of gastric bypass surgery in Iran:

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the surgeries that is not covered by insurance in different countries and requires high costs to perform, but Iran is the best choice for slimming surgery by bypass. For this opinion, we first compare the costs of slimming surgery with this method in different countries and talk about the specific facilities of the Tourism Angels Company in the fields of slimming.

For detailed information on the price of gastric bypass surgery, fill out the application form or contact our experts via online chat and get free medical advice. You can also check the price list for detailed information on prices and discounts.

In order to improve quickly and provide professional clinical services, six months of online support is included for service recipients.





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