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The best method of fleshy nose(meaty nose) surgery in Iran

Fleshy nose rhinoplasty in Iran

Surgery of the fleshy nose(meaty nose) how is it done?

fleshy nose is one of the types of nose models that is wide and has a lot of fat and meat and has a cartilaginous structure. The skin of this type of nose is oily and has oily secretions on the skin.


Fleshy nose shape:

Fleshy noses have wide and large tips and the volume of cartilage and bone is low. The fleshy nose model is the most common nose shape in the world. Those with fleshy noses include the noses of Einstein, Prince Philip and Mark Ruffalo.

How do we know if the shape of our nose is fleshy or not?

Thick skin - Small and weak cartilage - Thick nasal tissue covering - Large nose fins


How to perform fleshy nose surgery:

Meaty nose surgery in Iran is one of the hardest nose surgeries that requires a skilled surgeon. The fleshy nose has a thick skin and during the surgery the cartilage, bone and skin of the nose are removed to achieve the desired shape. Removal of the skin from the fleshy nose in surgery should be done carefully and delicately and requires a skilled plastic surgeon. If more fleshy skin is removed from the nose, it will cause unevenness and deformity of the shape of the nose.

A fleshy nose has weaker cartilage and bone and is less able to maintain the structure of the nose. By transplanting the base cartilage and the structure that supports the nose, it becomes stronger and prevents the tip of the nose from falling out after rhinoplasty surgery, and the nose takes on a more beautiful shape and form.


Meaty nose is performed in two ways:

Open surgery:

In this method, the base of the nose and the skin of the nose are lifted and for the noses that need to be repaired, or perform a rhinoplasty for the second time, or those that have fleshy noses, and need more changes and mastery of the plastic surgeon, open rhinoplasty is required.

Closed surgery:

In this method, only a small incision is made in the base skin of the nose, and changes and operations of the nose are performed inside the nose itself. In this method, the access and mastery of the cosmetic surgeon to nose is less.



The best plastic surgeon for meaty nose rhinoplasty:

The best surgeons for fleshy noses are skilled and experienced surgeons who can use experience and knowledge to prevent complications and provide you with the best results from rhinoplasty.

Iran has skilled plastic surgeons and is ranked third in the world in rhinoplasty in terms of number and quality of rhinoplasty and is the destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists for rhinoplasty in Iran annually.


Cost of meaty nose surgery in Iran:

The average cost of meaty nose surgery in Iran is one-fifth to one-eighth the cost of rhinoplasty in Europe and the United States. The cost of rhinoplasty in most cases is 1500 to 2500 dollars in Iran.

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