Injection of gel to lips and face in Iran

Face volumization and highlighting in Iran

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Facial angularization methods (face modeling in iran) are very varied today and can be different based the type of face, age and health history.

The first step is examination of the type of skin which is a problem that a person is involved with. That could be because of wrinkles and sagging skin.

The second step is to analyze the history of health and associated diseases and most importantly the types of allergies that different people have.

Finally, according to your choice, considering the reversibility and irreversibility of the injection and also the medical consultation of a cosmetic specialist, one of the following methods will be chosen.


Face angularization in iran(face modeling in iran) using gel injection:

Gel injection is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure and after choosing the type of gel (gels have two types: permanent and temporary) and the required volume the gel is injected into the body.

There is no bleeding or pain in gel injection because local anesthesia is used during injection.

Gel injections require periods of repair and re-injection. Because the problem of asymmetry and displacement of gel is one of the problems that occurs for people and there is a need for changing appointment. (usually every six months)

Face angularization using fat injection in iran:

In this method, the use of fats that are taken from the person's own body is used to improve face angles, smoothing and rejuvenate the skin. In this method, fat is removed from the parts of the body with high accumulation by liposuction and after separating other blood fluids, they are injected into the wanted spot. This method is known as autograft in medical science.

Autograft has the least side effects in injection and transplantation because all injected substances are from the body and are fully compatible with the body and immune receptors. This method lasts for several years

Face angularization using yarn in iran:

In this method, the surgeon first marks the areas that need to be angularized and skin-pulled and then using needles or threads the skin is drawn and face angularization is done. This method is the least invasive one and does not have bleeding, etc. You can see the results immediately after the operation.

Face angularization using Botox in iran:

Botox is used to widen and eliminate wrinkles and stretch the skin by paralyzing the muscles under the injection area. This method is used for those who want to be more stretched down part of their faces or people with square jaws.

Face angularization using filler injection in iran:

Filler is a synthetic material that has the same structure as the body or parts of the body's materials and cells, which are used in volume-up and angularization and removing wrinkles.

This method is used to angle the face in the lower parts of the face and neck area. The results after filler injection are instantly visible and this method has no side effects and immediately you can go back to your normal life process.

Facial angularization by surgery in iran:

This is an invasive procedure and requires hospitalization. The patient is changed under general anesthesia in the operating room by surgery. excess muscles can also be removed from this method.

Mentioned surgery process can also be used to correct congenital deformities and injuries caused by accidents and fractures can be corrected by this method.

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