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Cosmetic surgery


Diabetes and cosmetic surgery

Diabetes and cosmetic Surgery

Diabetes and performing cosmetic surgery / Procedures before cosmetic surgery in diabetics / Procedures after surgery in diabetics / Free consultation on cosmetic surgery and diabetes treatment

People with diabetes need emergency surgery in some cases, and in some cases they also seek cosmetic surgery (so-called elective surgeries). The presence of diabetes can have some complications and specific problems for these people. In this article, we will discuss these problems and ways to prevent postoperative complications in diabetic patients.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease, how much blood sugar is more than usual (110-90) and this is due to a lack of insulin production or the inability of the body's cells to absorb insulin.

Insulin is a hormone in our body that causes the sugar in the blood to go into the cells and store there, reducing blood sugar in the process of regulating blood sugar levels.


Types of Diabetes

1- Type 1 diabetes (also called insulin-dependent diabetes) can develop at any age, but is more common in children and adolescents.

2- Type 2 diabetes (between and non-insulin dependent diabetes) this type of diabetes caused by obesity usually occurs in middle ages. In this type of diabetes, bad cells are resistance to insulin.

It should be noted that any person with type 1 or 2 diabetes doesn’t need insulin necessarily.


How is diabetes diagnosed?

1- Symptoms: overeating, drinking, high urine, weight loss, vision problems, no wound healing, infection, numbness in the end limbs (toe)

2- Tests: Increase the level of FBS, BS, HbA1C ,2HBP, GGT 


Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes has maintenance treatment, people with diabetes should use oral medications or insulin for the rest of their life to control their disease.


Diabetes complications:

Kidney disease

Vision problems

Cardiovascular disease

Peripheral Neurosurgery


Cosmetic surgery or therapy in people with diabetes:

Diabetics who want to have cosmetic surgery should keep in mind that due to the duration of the disease and the complications caused by the disease, risks can threaten them that need to be planned in advance, many people notice their diabetes when they want to have a surgery. Diabetics can have surgery or even cosmetic surgery, but they should pay attention to the following points:

1- Consultation and visitation by the physician and bringing up diabetic disease and other associated diseases of diabetes

2- Preoperative tests to check glucose levels and heart, kidney and liver function

3- Visit by cardiologist

4- Chest x-ray before surgery

5- Observing the diet before surgery

6- Controlling blood glucose rate before surgery or cosmetic surgery

7- Taking diabetes medications

8- Not being placed in environments that have a risk of infection


Postoperative care measures in diabetics:

Prevention of infectious complications and problems by observing some points such as:

1- Regular use of medications after surgery

2- Changing the dressing of the surgical site

3- Evaluation of symptoms of infection such as redness, inflammation, secretions and bad odor of ulcers

4- Carrying out medical orders on a regular basis

5- Not attending the starting sites to prevent respiratory infections after heavy surgery

6- Conducting tests to evaluate the level of FBS, C, HBA

7- Check blood BS levels every 6 or 12 hours based on blood sugar levels

8- Having a proper diet for controlling blood sugar


The medical and touristic complex of tourism angels has special programs to prevent these complications.

1- Daily control of vital signs and patient recovery level after returning to the country of origin

2- Checking the tests

3- 6 month online support with online medical visits and consultations

4- Self-care education through brochures and in person through the application online

If you have diabetes and want cosmetic surgery, you can speak to our medical experts and specialists for free.




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