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Dental composite in Iran/cost/best cosmetic dentists

Dental composite in Iran

Dental composite in Iran

Damage to teeth may be due to the bad kind of the teeth or pressure and injury due to trauma, aging or poor oral hygiene, smoking and alcohol consumption and so on. These injuries cause teeth to look disproportionate, but there are several types of injuries:

Fractures of teeth

Gaps between teeth

Discoloration of teeth (yellowing of teeth)

Dental composite is used to fill teeth, repair broken teeth, disappear gaps between teeth to fill teeth, correct broken teeth and whiten teeth. One of the uses of dental composite is to correct laughter or Hollywood laughter designs.

Composite is a resin that sticks to the teeth and improves the appearance and color of the teeth. The material of this composite resin is compatible with the material of the teeth.


Advantages of dental composite in Iran

Dental composite can be done with one visit to the dentist and there is no need for frequent visits to the dentist. Composite is a fast method of cosmetic teeth and fixing structural problems and bad color of teeth. Composite resin is a soft material. But after the composite is hardened using ultraviolet light. And at the end of the composite dental session in Iran, you can eat food and use your teeth.

Dental composite does less damage to the tooth structure. And it is less aggressive than other methods. The cost of composite teeth is cheaper than dental veneers and you will have a dental beauty in one session. The durability of the composite depends on how good oral hygiene is.


Comparison of composite, coating and veneer

Dental veneer in Iran:

To compare dental veneer and composite, we must first explain about dental veneer. Veneer is a delicate pre-made porcelain that is transferred to the tooth surface. Veneer is used to cover gaps in teeth and fill in the gaps between teeth. Of course, orthodontics must be done before veneering, because veneers can’t be used if the teeth are not arranged and in-lined.


Dental coating (porcelain coats in Iran)

Coats are placed on teeth like a transparent cap, and prevents discoloration and damage to the teeth and the main color of the teeth is visible after scaling and orthodontics. Of course, we must say that if you use porcelain coat, the main color and structure of the teeth will no longer be visible.


Can veneers and coats be used instead of composite? Yes

Veneers and coats such as composites are a way to improve the appearance and fill the gaps between teeth and change the color of teeth, but it causes damage to teeth.

Dental coats can last for years, but must be carefully cut to fix them right on teeth.

To compare the cost of composite, veneer and coats, we must say that the cost of composite in Iran is generally lower than other countries. But the cost of composite is less than veneer and coat and it takes less time to be performed.


Durability of composite veneer

Composite veneers have an average shelf life of 5 to 7 years. Porcelain veneers have a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. The durability of composite veneers or porcelain veneers depends on oral hygiene.


Can composite veneer be removed?

Composite veneer can be removed if there is a problem or needs to be replaced, but porcelain coats can’t be removed because teeth have been scraped and machined and can only be taken out when they need to be replaced. Composite veneer if you do not want; You can completely remove and have your natural teeth.


Risks of composite veneer

Composite veneers gets worn and corroded sooner than porcelain coats. So, when eating or breaking the seeds of fruits such as almonds, etc., avoid putting too much pressure on the teeth. Of course, porcelain coats, like composite veneers, need to be maintained and pressure and impact on the veneer should be avoided because it can cause teeth to crack or reduce the durability of the coat and cause it to corrode.


How to care for and maintain dental composite

Some care is needed after placing the dental composite. After composite veneer, the mouth is not used to composite for some time, but little by little, this compatibility is created. After the dental composite, the toothbrush and floss can be used as usual, but pressure and impact on the veneer or composite should be avoided.


Cost of composite veneer in Iran

The cost of a tooth composite in the United States is $ 400 to $ 2,000 per tooth, and the cost per unit of a composite tooth in Europe is $ 150 to $ 1,000. Dental composite costs in Iran are lower than in Europe and the United States if the cost per unit is 60 to 130 at the maximum possible. Depending on how many teeth and with what underlying problems you go to the dentist. The cost of dental composite in Iran can be lower and you can get discounts on composite veneer in Iran by requesting services from us. For detailed information on the cost of composite teeth, send us a message via free online chat or WhatsApp and contact our dental specialists.




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