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Beard transplant in Iran/cost/consultation

The best beard transplant method

Beard transplant in Iran

Having beard is very attractive for men and is one of their outstanding appearance features, in some cases, due to genetics, hormonal problems and stress and the presence of disease or burns, etc., beard loss occurs.

Methods such as medications and lotions and mesotherapy are used to enhance beard and mustache growth but if you want a permanent and natural effect, the best choice is to grow a beard and a mustache.

Medication also has side effects, for example, in cases where the cause of hair loss is hormone, the use of drugs such as finasteride also reduces sexual desire.

In some other cases, the presence of wounds, sutures or wounds, burns or inflammation and infection of the hair follicles and alopecia areata, etc. can cause this problem in people.

Alopecia areata means hair loss and is periodically caused by stress, nutritional problems, etc., and after a while it usually heals on its own. This problem of beard loss can’t be corrected by beard implantation.


Benefits of beard implantation:

- Permanent treatment

- High transplant success in men if there is healthy skin about 70 to 100%

- The recovery period is quite fast and there are no conflicts of old methods.

- Ability to grow beard and mustache over time


Preparations before beard transplantation:

- Before the day of beard transplantation, about 10 days before taking aspirin and anti-clotting drugs such as verin and apixaban, etc. and non-steroidal analgesics (gelofen and ibuprofen) should be avoided.

-Help your healing process by taking zinc and vitamin C.

-Avoid caffeine and smoking and alcohol before the operation.

Side effects of beard transplantation:

- Mild bruising (which resolves over time in the first 7           

 - Swelling (this problem is very natural and do not worry because it will be resolved over time)

Comparison of beard loss treatment methods in Iran

How to grow beard?

- Allergy of the face and hair bank to the touch and the presence of itching in that area

- Sunken hair at the implant site

- Numbness in the skin of the face and hair bank (due to inflammation that resolves over time)

- Red skin

- Itching and inflammation (avoid itching)

-Scaling usually occurs after implantation. Doctors advise you not to wash your face until these scales are gone, but ask your doctor about it according to the type of implantation method chosen.


Post-Beard transplant care:

- Taking antibiotics and topical drops at the right time and in the right way

- Beard implantation does not hurt

- After the inflammation disappears after seven days, facial correction can be done.

-Beard loss occurs after 2 to 3 weeks, but do not worry, the hair follicles or roots are in place and will grow back, and after 3 to 4 months, proper growth of these follicles will occur.

-Avoid exposure to sunlight, which increases redness and inflammation.

-Avoid strenuous physical activity that can cause severe sweating.

- The use of alcohol, cigarettes and hookah is prohibited.

-Avoid going to very hot and humid places (sauna and jacuzzi) and very cold places such as ski slopes and swimming for two months.

- From two days after beard implantation in Iran, the facial beard can be washed with cold water and non-irritating soaps.

-Wounds at the beard implant heal after 3 days.

- The results are achieved one year after beard implantation in Iran and the initial results four months

Follow our self-care brochures that will be provided to you after shaving.


Cost of beard implantation in Iran:

The cost of beard implantation in Iran is very reasonable and the exact cost depends on the volume of beard loss and the method used, but to view the price range, you can refer to the price list for information on prices.

After your visit to Iran, you will be granted membership in a virtual skin and hair care clinic and the privilege of using telemedicine (remote visit) and all your medical information will be stored in a digital medical file.




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