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A series of cosmetic breast surgeries particularly performed on women for their beauty and also treatment.Mammoplasty is commonly known as removing breast drooping. However, mammoplasty has two modes of increased mammoplasty and decreased mammoplasty, also mammoplasty is used to fix drooping and asymmetry of breast size or indirect line of breast aura.

Reduction mammoplasty:

Redaction mammoplasty is relatively more common and has various therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.


Reduction mammoplasty therapeutic benefits:

- Decompression to the spine

- Removing sleep disturbances

- Fixing respiratory problems

- Fix problems for female athletes while running or other sports

- Elimination of fungal infections in breast folds

- Large breasts make examinations hard to check for stiffness (for cancer testing).

- Disruption of medical imaging process


What is the normal size of breasts?

During mammoplasty, the distance between the upper breast fold and the breast aura is measured and this size based on height and weight of body and request of women is between 18 and 22 cm aesthetically.During this operation, the aura of the breasts is also adjusted and repaired. The normal size of the breast aura is between 4 and 5 cm.


Augmentation mammoplasty:

Some women are also unhappy with the smallness of their breasts. In this method, the size of the breasts will reach the desired size after reconstruction.


Mastopexy or breast lifts:

By aging, several periods of pregnancy, slimming diet or slimming surgery, breast drooping is a problem that women refer to cosmetic surgeons. This surgery is called a breast lift or mastopexy to fix drooping and lifting problems of breasts, in this surgery, the excess skin of the breasts is removed.

Plastic surgeons usually choose one of two methods of liposuction or open surgery, and open surgery is often used because of its acceptable results.

In this surgery, by creating horizontal and vertical incisions or incisions around the breast, the extra tissues removed from the nipples are symmetrically placed by accurate measurement of the tissue removed from both sides.


How to do augmentation mammoplasty:

First, an empty space is opened between the retaining muscles and implants and prostheses are placed in the breast using special incisions.


Minimum age required for mammoplasty:

After stopping the growth of breasts, provided that you are not breastfeeding or pregnant, overweight or you have high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Consultation is provided for you before surgery and it is recommended that you lose weight first.


Does mammoplasty cause breast cancer?

 No, it neither causes cancer nor prevents it.


Will the stitches disappear?

The location of stitches in cosmetic surgery is a special and very delicate type so don't worry.

In the Tourism Angels we will also offer ointment and laser packages for removing a little scar.

Having a proper diet and maintaining hygiene and regular dressing change prevent abnormal scars.


More about mammoplasty:

One of the side effects of mammoplasty is the accumulation of Inter-tissue water in the breasts, tightening and inflammation, but don't worry that these problems will be fixed.

Necrosis and breast damage occur in cases which too much fat is removed and hygiene principles are not adhered to by the surgical team. Our surgical team and hospitals are the largest and best beauty centers in the Middle East.

The decrease in sensation in the nipples transiently depends on the volume of tissue removed after surgery, but this feeling returns with time and removing inflammation.

If you observe hygiene and regular replacement of dressing, infection will not occur in the breasts. Private nurse services in your accommodation even at the hotel are provided.

By taking anti-clotting socks (varicose vein socks) embolism is also prevented.


What are the costs of mammoplasty in Iran?

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