lower-abdomen lipomatic package:1100-1700$ , Iran2023

lower-abdomen slimming with lipo-matic package
lower-abdomen slimming with lipo-matic package

Operation time: 2-4 hours
Surgery location: General Hospital or Mega-Clinic
Analgesia: Complete anesthesia / spinal analgesia
Method of treatment: surgery
Suture site and surgical incision: 3-4 cuts(1-2cm) in abdomen / non visible
Duration of rest and leave from work: 10-15 days
Observation of the effect of the surgery: Immediately after the operation / after reducing the inflammation 
Sustainability: Permanent / need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle
Hospitalization / Discharge: 1 day / Discharge on the same day in the absence of problems
Approximate cost: 1100-1700$

Stay in Iran:3-5 days
Other services: Hotel - Medical visa - Translator - Transfer