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Treatment of early stage breast cancer in Iran

Treatment of early stage breast cancer

Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment methods in Iran / The best oncologist and gynecologist for breast cancer treatment in Iran / The best oncology clinics and hospitals in Iran / Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment in Iran

The cost of chemotherapy in Iran: 2,000-3,000 $ on average (depending on the type of drug used and the number of chemotherapy sessions)
Cost of mastectomy in Iran: 1400-1950 $
The cost of radiotherapy in Iran: 140-1,500 dollars
Average stay in Iran: 7-10 days

Return to work after breast surgery: 12-15 days
Analgesia or method of anesthesia for mastectomy: Complete anesthesia
Location of surgery: General hospitals in Iran
Duration of hospitalization: 1 day
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Most women with stage 1, 2, or 3 breast cancer are treated with surgery, followed by additional radiation therapy. There are also many women who take medication. In general, the more breast cancer has spread in the body, the more treatments a person will need. But it is better to know that the decision and opinion of the patient will also affect the choice of treatment. In addition, information such as the following about cancer can play a key role in choosing treatment options:


Does cancer have hormone receptors or not?

Does cancer have a lot of HER2 protein?

How fast do cancer grow?

Is the patient menopausal or not?

Try to talk to your specialist about the above factors that affect your treatment options.


In general, breast cancer that is in stages or grades 1 and 2 is in the early stages. Grade 3 breast cancer, although not in the early stages, still has a chance of being cured. In general, the earlier cancer is diagnosed, the better your chances of getting cured.


Breast Cancer Treatment Step 1

Tumors or cancerous tumors at this stage are often very small and have not yet spread to the lymph nodes. Of course, they may have reached a very small portion of the sentinel lymph nodes (the first gland that cancer may spread to).

Surgery is the mainstay of treatment for stage 1 breast cancer. Breast cancer at this stage is often treated with breast protection surgery (lumpectomy). However, mastectomy or breast evacuation may be used if needed to ensure that the cancer does not return. The choice of surgery depends on the doctor and the patient's decision. Lymph nodes should also be examined at this stage of breast cancer. Both the sentinel lymph nodes and the axillary lymph nodes.

In some cases, breast reconstruction surgery can be used at the same time as breast cancer removal surgery. But if you need radiation therapy after surgery, it is better to do breast reconstruction after radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy is performed after surgery to make sure there are no cancer cells left in the body. Of course, in all cases, there is no need for radiotherapy after surgery. The need to do or not to do radiotherapy is determined by your medical staff.

In addition to surgery, if a person has breast cancer with hormone-positive receptors, most doctors recommend hormone therapy as the mainstay of treatment. Whether the cancerous tumor is large or small. Women with masses larger than 0.5 cm can benefit from hormone therapy.

Chemotherapy can also be used if the hormone-receptor cancer mass is more than 1 cm in diameter.


Breast Cancer Treatment Step 2

At this stage, the cancerous masses are larger than the stage 1 cancerous masses and have spread to a number of surrounding lymph nodes.


Breast Cancer Treatment stage 2

Breast cancer is also treated with local surgery (lumpectomy) or complete breast evacuation surgery (mastectomy). The biopsy or biopsy of the sentinel and axillary lymph nodes should also be checked at this stage to see if the doctor has cancer cells.

Women who undergo lumpectomy usually also need radiation therapy after surgery. On the other hand, women who have a mastectomy may often receive radiation therapy when the cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes.

If you are diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, and have previously experienced treatments such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy before surgery, it is best to have lymph node radiation therapy at the same time as the mastectomy.

In addition, if you need chemotherapy after surgery, radiation therapy will be delayed until after chemotherapy.

In some cases, breast reconstruction surgery can be performed at the same time as breast evacuation surgery, but if radiation therapy is needed, it is best to wait until after radiotherapy and then have breast reconstruction surgery.

In the second stage of breast cancer, you can also use systematic treatments. These treatments are given either before surgery or after surgery. If used after surgery, they are used to reduce the chance of the cancer coming back, and to kill the remaining cancer cells in the body, and if used before surgery, they are used to shrink large tumors, until the surgeon Be able to perform the operation easily.


Systematic treatments for breast cancer include:

Hormone therapy

Targeted therapies



Breast Cancer Treatment Step 3

In the third stage of breast cancer, the tumor is large. Larger than 5 cm, and has spread to surrounding tissues. Including the skin of the breast, the muscles under the breast or many surrounding lymph nodes. But at this stage the cancer is still in the breast and has not metastasized. So there is still a chance to cure it.

Stage 3 breast cancer may also include inflammatory breast cancers that have not yet spread to areas beyond the lymph nodes. The treatment for these cancers will be slightly different from the treatment for stage 3 breast cancer.


There are two main ways to treat stage III breast cancer:

Non-surgical treatments



In most cases, treatment for most stage III cancers begins with chemotherapy (preoperative chemotherapy, of course). Because the size of the tumors is large at this stage, chemotherapy can shrink the size of the tumor enough to prepare for local surgery. But if the cancerous tumor is not small enough, the patient should have a mastectomy or breast augmentation surgery. The surrounding lymph nodes should also be re-examined to make sure there are no cancer cells in them.


In addition to preoperative chemotherapy, it is best to have radiation therapy after surgery at this stage.

Another way to treat stage 3 cancer is to start surgery right away. Because tumors of this stage are often large and most likely have spread to surrounding tissues, it will be a form of mastectomy. But for women who have large breasts and have not yet had all of their breast cancer, topical breast cancer surgery can also be used.


The best breast surgeon in Iran

Although general surgeons and plastic surgeons are physicians who perform a variety of breast surgeries, it is best to consult a breast surgeon to ensure that you receive effective treatment and have a comfortable image of your breasts after surgery. . Angels Tourism Company has hospitals and physicians specializing in breast surgery.

If you are planning to have surgery in Iran, you can send us your medical information. Our medical experts will contact you as soon as possible ...


The best country to treat breast cancer

It is always difficult to choose which method is best for treating cancer, or the best breast cancer specialist for patients. There are many patients who turn to different specialists for the treatment of breast cancer that it is too late to treat.

Iran, as a developed country in the field of medicine and a country that has very low costs for the treatment of breast cancer, can be a very good option for those who want to be treated with the least in the best cancer treatment centers.

For example, we compare the cost of breast cancer treatment using chemotherapy or surgery in some countries of the world and Iran.



Cost of breast removal surgery in Iran

1450-1950 $

The cost of mastectomy in Canada

9,500- 11,000 $

The cost of breast cancer surgery in the United States

13,500-16500 $

Cost of breast augmentation surgery in Australia

15,000-21,000 $

The cost of mastectomy in Turkey

4,000- 6,000 $

The cost of mastectomy in India

3500-5000 $



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