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Tonsil removal surgery in Iran

Tonsil removal surgery

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Tonsillectomy is a familiar name for parents, mostly in children. Tonsils are necessary from birth to six months of age and in some cases due to several infections, these tonsils are enlarged and cause some problems.

The large tonsils are the enlargement of palatal tonsils (easily seen in the mouth) and third tonsil (in the back of the nose and pharynx).

Enlargement of tonsils is caused by:

1- Oral infections that cause inflammation and tonsil infection

2- Severe infections in the nose that cause enlargement of the third tonsils.

3- Congenital immune deficiencies such as viruses transmitted from the mother during birth such as AIDS, etc. or acquired such as cancer, etc.

Tonsils are sometimes seen in adults as well. Some people have bad breath and difficulty sleeping, these people have tonsil problems at an early age that have not acted and still have this problem in adulthood, and in times such as colds and instincts, inflammation increases and causes severe respiratory problems.


When is it suitable for tonsillectomy?

We recommend this surgery with the opinion of surgeons from the age of three and in adults to finally perform the surgery to resolve the mentioned problems.


Problems caused by the magnitude of tonsils:

1- People with tonsillitis usually have oral breathing cannot breathe from their nose, this causes snoring and snoring at night and changes the state of mind of the patient.

2- Light sleep and difficulty and having nightmares and heavy breathing

3- Because breathing is not from the nose, the air does not moisten and dry air damages the throat and causes mucus drying and bleeding from the throat.

4- Ear and sinus infections (sinus infections to care can cause chronic headaches)

5- Early diagnosis and treatment of this disease is important in children. Because this difficulty in breathing causes poor nutrition and slows the child's development

6- Pulmonary and gastrointestinal infections due to tonsillitis

7- Hearing problems due to accumulation of infection and inflammation of the throat in people

8- Bad breath

9- Early dental caries


Who performs tonsillectomy?

The surgery is performed by an ENT specialist.


Preparations before tonsillectomy:

1- Be sure to be 6 to 9 hours old patient

2- If you have a cold, be sure to tell your doctor that your surgery will be postponed

3- This surgery takes half an hour, but one person must be accompanied by the patient and can be discharged after the same day surgery.

4- If you smoke

5- If you are using blood thinners such as aspirin or analgesics such as gelofen or ibuprofen, be sure to inform your doctor before surgery that you should stop taking these medications 7 to 10 days before surgery.


Postoperative care for tonsil removal:

1- After surgery, avoid eating food and water for 6 hours.

2- You should have a soft and cold diet for 10 days after surgery (which reduces inflammation)

3- Avoid hot foods and hard foods cause bleeding and damage to tonsils

4- After 6 hours of surgery with cool fluids can start feeding

5- Having after removing tonsils up to 38 degrees can be normal

6- Eating in the first days after surgery is painful for the person, but proper nutrition can accelerate recovery

7- From the second day onwards, the gray layer is created on the site, this is normal and it is not pus

8- Bad breath is normal in the first days of surgery and will be resolved

9- In case of severe physical weakness and fever above 38.3 and anorexia and nausea of vomiting and respiratory problems, let our doctor or medical experts know via the app


Cost of tonsil removal in Iran:

This surgery is very affordable for Iran's neighbors such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Yemen, etc. who have less access to medical facilities, and to know the cost of tonsillectomy by sending medical documents and contacting our medical experts to inform you as soon as possible the cost of this surgery with free initial medical advice.



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