Thigh lipomatic surgery in Iran

Thigh lipomatic surgery

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Duration of lipomatic thigh surgery: 1-2 hours
Place of cosmetic surgery: Hospital or cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran
Suture site / surgical incision: Surgical incision is internal or external depending on the type of lift. The location of the stitches can be seen to some extent and can be removed by laser methods, etc.
Time required for rest: 5-12 days
Effects of Lipomatic Thigh Surgery: Immediately visible after surgery. / And after reducing thigh inflammation and ... is seen in a better and more natural way.
Durability of Lipomatic Thigh Surgery: It is permanent if you follow a diet and do not become obese.
Hospitalization: discharge on the same day of surgery

Duration of stay in Iran: 5-7 days
Cost of abdominal surgery in Iran: about $ 800 to $ 1,000
Anesthesia: General anesthesia
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Thigh enlargement is caused by either pear-shaped obesity or normal obesity following hypothyroidism and the use of corticosteroids and diabetes, or following pregnancy. Obese thighs cause a person not to fit. Some people are genetically predisposed to large thighs, or hormonal disorders and the use of birth control pills cause obesity in the thighs.

Thighs are one of the basic criteria for body beauty, especially in women, which contributes to fitness and body beauty. Large thighs cause problems such as difficult clothing and exercise and slow physical activity. One of the ways to create fitness and beauty in thighs is lipomatic surgery (removal of thigh fat).

To evaluate the necessity of thigh lipomatic surgery, we examine the aesthetics of women's bodies and the shape of thighs, legs and buttocks.

To have a lower body with sufficient fitness and beauty, we must consider various issues. The fit of the upper torso and lower torso is very important due to the skeleton and the initial shape of the body. The fit between the size of the hips and the thighs and legs should also be considered.


Women's body in terms of shape

Women's bodies have different shapes such as triangular (pear), rectangular, apple (inverted triangle), diamond, oval and hourglass.

Thigh lipomatic surgery is performed in four parts:

- Out-thigh lipomatic

- in-thigh lipomatic

- anterior (front) thigh lipomatic

- posterior (back) thigh lipomatic



What is lipomatic

Lipomatic is a method of draining excess fat from the body, during which large fat particles are broken down into small particles by ultrasound waves and removed from the body through a cannula and suction. Lipomatous fat can be injected into other parts of the body to shape the buttocks or breasts, depending on the individual's request and the diagnosis of a cosmetologist.


What is anesthesia like in thigh lipomatic surgery?

Thigh lipomatic surgery requires analgesia and anesthesia, and thigh lipomatic surgery can be performed with spinal anesthesia or local anesthesia or complete anesthesia.

Of course, the anesthesiologist pays attention to the time of the surgery, and if the surgery is local and there is fat injection to other parts of the body to shape the breasts or buttocks, he uses the method of complete anesthesia, but if the time of the operation is short, surgical methods can be used.


Recovery in the operating room or surgery clinic

After thigh lipomatic surgery was performed. You will be in the recovery room in the operating room for a while until your condition is monitored, after which the patient will be hospitalized for one day or discharged immediately at the discretion of the cosmetologist.


Benefits of thigh lipomatic surgery

- Fitness

-Eliminate and remove cellulite

-Fat removed from the body can be used to shape the body

- Thigh lipomatic has a high durability and is permanent, and if a person has a healthy lifestyle, fat will not accumulate again in thighs.

- Short time for cosmetic surgery


Preparation before thigh lipomatic surgery

If you follow the instructions before and after thigh lipomatic surgery, it will have the best results and the least side effects.

-Do not smoke or drink alcohol for two weeks before thigh lipomatic surgery

-Do not take aspirin and blood thinners 7 days before lipomatic surgery

-If you have an underlying disease and are taking certain medications, talk to your plastic surgeon before cosmetic surgery.

- Fasting from 12 o'clock the night before cosmetic surgery

-Before lipomatous surgery, be sure to take a bath the night before or the morning of surgery before going to the clinic or hospital and shave your thighs. If you also have fat injections, shave the area as well.


Care after thigh lipomatic surgery

- Changing dressings at the site of lipomatic surgery

- If you are taking antibiotics, use them at the prescribed hours.

- If you have pain, you can use acetaminophen.

- Do not do exercise and heavy activities for 7 to 10 days after lipomatic surgery.

- Use varicose socks while sleeping

- 1 to 2 days after thigh lipomatic surgery you can go to the bathroom.


Cost of Lipomatic Thigh Surgery in Iran

The cost of thigh lipomatic surgery depends on the size of the surgery. The cost of  Lipomatic Thigh in Canada is about $ 2,000 to $ 6,000. While in Iran, with a third to a quarter of this cost, you can have thigh lipomatic surgery. For detailed information on the cost of lipomatic surgery in Iran and our discounts, enter your request and send your contact information on the website or via WhatsApp. Our medical experts will contact you as soon as possible.