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Radiotherapy specialist in Iran

The best radiotherapy specialist in Iran

The best radiotherapy specialist in Iran / the best hospitals and radiotherapy centers in Iran


Cancer, something that had engulfed the world in a long period of time without treatment, but there are also ways to treat and control the disease.

When an autoimmune reaction happens, the body recognizes its internal systems as the enemy and causes the destruction of different cells.

We have also come to the tourism angels in the treatment of this global problem in cancer treatment centers in Iran and subspecialty radiotherapy centers.

Radiotherapy can be:

1- Before cancer surgery

2- After the main treatment in the form of complementary treatment

3- The main treatment

4- Soothing


Radiotherapy uses waves and radiation such as X-rays, gamma rays, electron beams with certain wavelengths and energy to prevent the misplaced and uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. Radiotherapy is also used to reduce cancer pain.

Radiotherapy is performed in two forms: internal and external radiotherapy.

In external radiotherapy, from an external source, the rays are irradiated to the part.

In internal radiotherapy, a radioactive substance is injected to the desired location. For example, a radioactive substance called Strontium 89 is used.

Radiotherapy can be performed alone or with chemotherapy or surgery in cancer treatment as a complementary method.


During radiotherapy side effects can be:

Skin damage (Prevention by avoiding going under direct sunlight and not using stimulant detergents and cosmetics. Sunscreen is also effective in controlling damage and preventing further damage.)

Damage to the intestinal lining cells, which can cause digestive problems. (Prevention with non-stimulant diet)

Our sub-special therapeutic groups have gathered in an interdisciplinary collaboration with oncologists, Radiotherapist, nutritionists and clinical psychologists to treat cancer and chronic pain in Iran.

We recommend specific medical procedures to resolve mental problems and mental image disorder and improve patient nutrition with the multifaceted knowledge of treatment.

Free digital file and digital medical consultation (telemedicine) are considered for all patients.

The process of receiving radiotherapy services in Iran:

1- Filling out the initial application form and signing the pre-contract

2- Contact the radiotherapy specialist and medical expert

3- Digital filing, sending medical records, drugs, tests, radiology photographs, etc. in the country of origin

4- Providing tickets, visas and essentials for departure to Iran

5- Welcoming, accompaniment and hospitalization of the patient and signing an in-person contract

6- Diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services after cardiac surgery in the medical center

7- Visiting tourist and recreational places as requested

8- Training in follow-up of medical affairs via digital profiles and paper brochures for post-medical care

9- Preparing tickets and essentials to return to the country of origin




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