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Cosmetic surgery


Panniculectomy in iran

Panicolectomy in iran

Panniculectomy in Iran

A cosmetic surgery of the abdomen to remove layers of sagging skin that can cause deformities and problems with clothing for people.


Let us first consider why a sagging abdomen occurs:

If excessive weight loss occurs after gastric bypass surgery, or through diet or exercise, abdominal sagging occurs, which many people experience due to a reduction in the amount of fat under the skin. This problem can cause diseases such as fungal infections and itchy skin, back pain and lack of self-confidence and difficulty in having sex and other problems as well.

What is a panicolectomy?

A cosmetic surgery to remove the panus (lower abdomen) is due to sagging skin. This surgery is performed to look slim and prevent infectious problems in the genital area. Panicolectomy is a surgical procedure and panicle is the name of the disease which is the sagging of the skin of the abdomen.


Paniculus has 5 levels:

1- Panus reaches the beginning of the upper growth line of genital hair.

2. The panus completely covers the genitals.

3- The panus falls to the upper part of the thighs.

4- Panus has reached the middle of the thighs.

5- The panus covers the knees and has reached even below the knee.


So panicolectomy is not just a cosmetic surgery and is also considered a surgical operation


Benefits of having panicolectomy (treatment of sagging abdomen):

1- Removing excess skin on the abdomen

2- Increasing self-confidence

3- Losing weight

4- Preventing the occurrence of fungal diseases in the genital area

5- High attractiveness and having enjoyable sex

6- Reducing back pain

7- Reducing the problems of heartburn and sweating

8- It becomes easier to do exercises and fast movements


How to perform panicolectomy surgery:

This surgery is performed in a hospital and in a sterile operating room under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia and you will not have any pain in this surgery. The surgeon makes a vertical incision from the lower part of the thorax to the head of the pelvic bones (or the head of the uterus in women) And creates a horizontal incision below the navel and above the genitals along the headline of the pelvic bones. Excess parts of the skin are removed and sutured. To prevent the accumulation of fluid and discharge from the wound, a tube is placed in the patient's abdomen to drain the discharge, which is removed after two to three days.


Preoperative preparations for panicolectomy:

1- Do not smoke for a month before surgery

2- Stopping drug use due to the patient's resistance to analgesics

3- Avoid aspirin and anticoagulants that increase the risk of bleeding for two weeks before surgery.

4- Avoid taking anti-inflammatory or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and gelofen. Because these drugs can increase the risk of bleeding.

5- Take a bath the night before surgery and shave the genital area and abdomen with a trimmer and wash with antibacterial soap.

6- Fast for 6 to 9 hours before surgery and eat a light dinner the night before surgery.

7- Have someone with you

8-Talk to your doctor about your concerns.

9- If you have autoimmune disease (cancer) or severe heart disease, etc., talk to your surgeon

10- In case of skin or fungal diseases, infections, etc., the treatment of these infections before surgery is more important and has priority.


Hospitalization period after panicolectomy:

After the operation, you will be in the operating room for one to two hours in the recovery room to improve vital signs and full consciousness, and then you will be transferred to the hospital ward. The time of hospitalization in the normal ward is a maximum of 24 or 48 hours. If there is no pain, you can be discharged.


Care after panicolectomy:

1-In case of symptoms of fever and infection, inform our doctor and medical experts. (In case of fever above 38 degrees and lethargy, redness and inflammation at the suture site and the presence of badly colored and smelly infectious discharge)

2- The place of dressings should be dry to prevent infection and the dressings should be changed regularly.

3- Use oral antibiotics prescribed for you on a regular basis.

4- Follow the diet prescribed for you by a nutritionist consultant.

5- Taking supplements such as vitamin C and zinc can be useful in healing your wounds.

6- Over-the-counter pain killers such as acetaminophen can be used to prevent and treat pain.

7- In case of active bleeding (light blood) or abnormal inflammation and swelling in the abdomen and loss of consciousness, inform the treating physician.

8- In case of severe nausea and vomiting, inform your doctor or medical experts. Use small meals to prevent nausea and vomiting.

9- Consumption of fluids to replace the lost water of

10- The texture of the sutures should be T-shaped and close to red, and if it is black or white and has discharge, send us a photo of the sutures.

11- Smoking, tobacco and alcohol are forbidden during the recovery period because it can delay the recovery period.

12- Fill in your daily history sheet in the treatment application to adjust your treatment and recovery plan based on it.

Cost of paniclectomy in Iran:

This surgery has affordable costs in Iran, for example in a comparison in other countries:

Comparison of the cost of paniclectomy in Iran and other countries:

For detailed information about our prices and discounts, you can fill out the application section and talk to our experts online and contact us to coordinate abdominal sagging surgery.

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Cost of paniculotomy surgery in Iran

1500-2500 dollars


Cost of paniculotomy surgery in India

4,500-500 dollars

Cost of paniculotomy surgery in Turkey

4500-8500 dollars

Cost of paniculotomy surgery in the UAE

6800-9500 dollars

Cost of paniculotomy surgery in the UK

4500-9000 dollars

Cost of paniculotomy surgery in the United States

8,000-15,000 dollars



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