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Abdominal Liposuction for Men in Iran & Injection of Fat into the Penis

penis Increasing penis volume and rejuvenating the skin of men's penis

Abdominal liposuction + injection of fat into the penis / Increasing penis volume and rejuvenating the skin of men's penis / Removal of fat around the penis and male slimming


One of the methods of enlarging the penis is liposuction of the abdominal fat, which causes the penis to look pulled in and smaller than its actual size.

In the past, having a small penis was a permanent problem that men were unable to solve, or it was not possible for it to appear, or there was no information about which doctor to go to for this problem and how to treat it.

The problem of a small penis is corrected by a urological surgeon. In this method, which we introduce in this article, it can also be done by a plastic surgeon.

Liposuction and fat injection has two steps.


 In this method, fat is removed from the accumulated areas of fat. In order to increase the size of the penis, it is removed from the fat under the abdomen, especially in obese people.

The solution that is removed from the body contains blood and intracellular fluids and serum and fat, and this fat must be purified. After purification, it is drawn in separate syringes.


2-Penile injection

Normal-sized fat is injected into the penis at the doctor's discretion. The injection site is closed with a small adhesive.


Shelf life of fat injection into the penis:

This method has a high durability and is the best method for thickening the penis compared to other methods.


Who is the fat injection into the penis done for?

1-fat people

2 - People in which the size of the penis is less than 9.3 in the state of erection.

3- People who intend to enlarge their penis


Benefits of injecting fat into the penis:

1- Increasing the diameter and length of the penis

2- Increasing self-confidence in sexual relations

3- Increasing sexual potency

4- No allergic reactions because fat is from the body.

5- Only a few small holes are made for injection on the penis and the penis is not damaged.

6- No need for long hospital stay


Preoperative preparations for fat injection into the penis:

1- Avoid smoking and hookah because it reduces blood flow and shrinks the penis

2-Avoid taking aspirin and anti-clotting drugs because there is a possibility of bleeding during liposuction.

3-If you have HPV, talk to your doctor

4- Consumption of fluids the day before surgery

5- Discuss your concerns with your doctor.

6- If you have autoimmune diseases (cancer, lupus, etc.), talk to your doctor.

7- Take a bath the night before surgery and shave the penis.


Postoperative care for fat injection into the penis:

1- Change the location of liposuction dressings and keep them dry.

2. Avoid smoking.

3- Consumption of fluids from 6 hours after being transferred to the hospital ward

4- If you have pain, use acetaminophen analgesic with a doctor's prescription

5- Keep the penis dry and clean

6- Massage the penis during the day with the correct method that the doctor explains.

7- You can have sex for 14 days after the fat injection.

8- 24 hours after discharge, you need to rest at home and after that you can have your activities


Side effects of penis enlargement with fat injection:

Infection: By observing personal hygiene and taking medications in a timely manner, this complication can be prevented.

Inflammation: This inflammation spreads over time.

Anesthesia: This anesthesia is due to inflammation and resolves after one to two days.

What is the effectiveness of fat injection into the penis?

After injecting fat into the penis, you can add 30% to the diameter of your penis. The chances of successful surgery are high, and after the operation, its effects can be seen, but the lasting and accurate effects of fat injection can be seen three to six months after fat injection.


Costs of enlarging the penis by fat injection in Iran:

We can do a penis enlargement for you in Iran for a maximum cost of $ 1,000 to $ 1,500.

As soon as you arrive in Iran, you will be a member of a virtual hospital and sexual rehabilitation clinic, which also has telemedicine services (telemedicine consultation and visit) and a digital medical file in this application for you.

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