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Orthopedic specialist in Iran

The best orthopedic specialist in Iran

The best orthopedic specialist in Iran / specialized hospital centers and specialized orthopedic clinics in Iran


Orthopedics is a field of medical science that examines the body's locomotor system, including bones, muscles, joints, and various organs such as the neck, back, legs, arms, pelvis, etc. Orthopedics is not a purely surgical field of medicine. It also has a branch of treatment such as hand and foot pain and deformity of limbs and infection and abscess of limbs, etc.

In the branch of surgery, it is treated through surgery in the operating room for problems such as sports injuries to bones and dislocations. And wear and tear joints through arthroscopy.

The treatment process in orthopedics is such that the patient with pain in a limb or a specific part of the limbs to see a doctor and diagnostic procedures are performed through physical examination and imaging. Bryce and ... treat malformations and dislocations or fractures, or if necessary, undergo anesthesia surgery procedures under anesthesia and in the operating room to correct the problem.

Nowadays, artificial limbs and prostheses have come to our aid in solving joint problems or short legs or replacing amputated legs or ... and have solved the problems for us. Iran as a country with bases for the production of medical equipment and treatment measures Orthopedics and rehabilitation have advanced technology.

Motor problems can be solved in an interdisciplinary collaboration, including orthopedics and physiotherapy, etc., and provide a healthy quality of life.

MAC Remedy company has the best orthopedic groups and even orthopedics for athletes and high quality rehabilitation. And we are solving your mobility problems and our colleagues will follow up on the coordination of your treatment and consultations and inform you of your presence.


The process of performing orthopedic procedures:

1. Fill in the initial application form and sign the pre-contract

2- Contacting online an orthopedic doctor and medical expert

3- Creating a digital file and sending radiology photos, tests and medical records

4- Preparing tickets and visas and necessary measures to go to Iran

5- Welcoming and accommodating the patient in the hospital and concluding a face-to-face contract

6- Performing diagnostic and therapeutic measures in the medical center

7- Visiting tourist and recreational facilities upon request

8- Training to follow up on medical affairs through digital and online profiles and paper brochures for post-medical care, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and the provision of mobility aids such as braces, etc., if there are any movement restrictions for free.

9- Preparing a ticket and taking the necessary measures to return to the country of origin


Orthopedic treatment cost in Iran

Orthopedic treatment in Iran

Cost(dollar USA $)

Shoulder and hand surgery


Knee replacement


Leg lengthening


Pelvic surgery


Foot and ankle surgery


Wrist tunnel release operation(CTS)


Spine surgery





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