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Natural medicine specialist in Iran

The best natural medicine specialist in Iran

The best natural medicine specialist in Iran / the best areas for natural medicine in Iran

In today's treatment methods, a term called complementary medicine is defined as therapeutic-clinical affairs using modern medicine, traditional medicine and natural medicine.

What is Natural Medicine?

A therapeutic system which is based on the inner healing power of human body and mind. This treatment system is fit to body and nature of people by modifying their lifestyle and environments.

This treatment system includes nutritional supplements, herbal diets fit to health status, acupuncture, homeopathy and hydrotherapy, cave therapy (in salt caves to improve breathing conditions), sludge therapy (to treat body and bone pains) and excretion of body toxins (detoxification) and spinal treatment, treatment of back pain, use of incense therapy and use of sunbathing to treat skin diseases, body pains and etc.

Iran have a great history in the field of natural medicine and have special therapeutic styles in this field. natural resources and Pristine zones have provided use of the natural medicine for Iranians with modern medicine to treat various diseases and improve health. For example, we mention a few specific features of Iran in this regard.

1. Cave Therapy: This treatment is also known as Speleotherapy and because of the salts in these caves, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features are used to cure many diseases. According to studies, this method is used in the treatment of weak asthma, Bronchitis, etc. and it has been effective. Iran has many salt caves that can be used in this field.

2. Sludge Therapy: Sludge due to the its special compounds such as salts and organic materials can be used for cure diseases such as rheumatism, muscle and joint pains, this sludge can also be used to treat inflammatory and infectious skin diseases. To do this, we have Urmia Salt Lake in Iran, which is the second biggest salty lake in the world that human body does not sink in water at all because of its high density and also thousands of tourists visit this place annually. The use of traditional and herbal medicine along with environment and modern medicine can be effective in the treatment of many diseases.


Costs of Natural Medicine in Iran:

The costs related to natural medicine are determined based on tourism and medical aspects in Iran and have very low costs. While you are on a journey you will

experience both therapy and recreation at the same time. You can contact our experts online and freely to know the prices based on the list of services you receive.

After visiting Iran to receive natural medicine services, you will receive the privilege of using digital medical records and membership in virtual hospital.

You will receive all telehealth services in the form of membership in traditional medicine clinic and telemedicine services from Angels Tourism Company even after returning to your home country.


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