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Cosmetic surgery


Hotel and transportation services in Iran

Hotel and transportation services for tourists in Iran

Hotel and transportation services for tourists in Iran / medical services in the hotel / house rental or hotel reservation


Accommodation in Iran for all health tourists who come to Iran for medical services is our service booklet in medical packages if selected in the list of forms.
Services that are emphasized during the stay; Includes hotel and restaurant and entertainment services, etc. in the accommodation.

Tourists have different accommodation needs depending on the type of purpose of their trip to Iran and the form of their travel, such as ecotourism, economic tourism, cultural tourism, etc. For those who travel for ecotourism (nature tourism), the accommodation has a natural texture and is located in the heart of the forest or natural resources. But for people who travel in the form of economic and cultural tourism, they need stylish hotels with excellent services. We have special programs and services for all tastes.
Patients or health tourists who come to the clinic have a short stay and need to stay in a hotel, but patients who need to be hospitalized usually need a roommate in the hospital to stay and companions need a hotel near the hospital. have. We have accommodation plans for all these situations.
With a maximum of $ 50 in Iran, we can receive the best accommodation services in 4- and 5-star hotels. Prices in European countries start at $ 100.

Services that you receive in our hotels in Iran:

1. Restaurant and menu based on your request for home-cooked or fast food or Arabic and European dishes
2. There is also a coffee shop in our hotels for your friendly and relaxing appointments.
3. Multipurpose halls for birthday celebrations or determining the sex of the baby and marriage, etc.
4. sport Club
5. Massage therapy at the hotel for all tourists upon request
6. Swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi

The services that you will receive in the hospital stay in our medical centers are providing rest services with the patient and coffee shop and restaurant services in the hotel and food selection based on the menu. If you also have a special food request, you will also receive your favorite food by informing our support experts at the Angels of Tourism Company.
You will experience the most luxurious hotel and accommodation services in Iran with us.

Click here to book a hotel in Iran.
By sending a request and sending contact information or message in WhatsApp, you can talk to our experts about booking your hotel and services. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.
Tourism angels Company provides tourism and medical services (cosmetic surgery and other medical services) to all countries

The best hotels in Iran

One of our special services for health tourists is providing support services after treatment and cosmetic surgery for service recipients. These services include:

1- Providing dressing changing services at the place of residence
2- Providing online medical visit services without the need to move
3- Different types of diets according to the type of disease or surgery to speed up the recovery process
4- Providing transfer services




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