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Greasing and scaling of the nose after rhinoplasty

Greasing and scaling of the nose after rhinoplasty


The reason of nose oiling after Rhinoplasty

One of the things that happens after rhinoplasty surgery is skin oily. This happens for two reasons:

1- Inflammation of t he nose due to damage to the nose 2-balz nasal effect

After rhinoplasty and causing endogenous damage, a series of defensive barriers are created in the body. One of these barriers is the secretion of fat on the skin. The nasal fat glands begin to secrete fat to protect against damage and compensate for the damage. This also happens to the skin of the face (i.e. oily skin). In fact, the oily skin of the face is due to damage to the nose.

The reason for the rash of the skin of the face and the skin of the nose after rhinoplasty:

After rhinoplasty, the skin of the face and nose becomes oily. Sometimes the fat produced does not find open pores to exit and accumulate under the skin, causing a rash.

Ways to prevent and treat oily skin and skin rashes after rhinoplasty:

Be sure to take these medicines at the right time .

1- Usually, the plastic and cosmetic specialist prescribes oral antibiotics to prevent and treat this type of exfoliation problem and topical antibiotics (gentamicin or Arithromycin).

2- Avoid fatty foods

3- Avoid excessive sleep

4- Use enough liquids

5- Face comb can be cleaned with wipes if the first day is not possible

6- After removing the nasal splint, clean the nose with soft wet wipes

7- You can use facial scrub products about one month after rhinoplasty surgery, be sure to use safe products that have health approval

8- Use fat absorption strips that open the pores of the skin




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