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Cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Iran: average 2000-3500
Average stay in Iran: 7-14 days
Return to work after gastric sleeve surgery: 25-30 days
Location: Hospitals and beauty clinics in Iran
Duration of hospitalization: 1-3 days

Type of anesthesia or analgesia: Complete anesthesia
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Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve resection, is a type of slimming surgery used to treat obesity.

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed in cases of morbid obesity in people who have a body mass index greater than 45. It is mostly used in people who have a pear-shaped obesity. In this surgery, a part of the stomach is removed endoscopically.

Sleeve surgery is a type of gastrointestinal surgery in the treatment of obesity in which it is performed by significantly reducing the capacity of the stomach and creating a forced and physiological restriction on the amount of food consumed. In this type of surgery, 80% of the elastic part of the stomach, including the part of the stomach that secretes the hormone Ghrelin (a hormone that plays a significant role in appetite or hunger hormone) is separated from the stomach and the rest of the stomach with staples. The special titanium for these operations is repaired and 80% of the gastric tissue is removed from the body.

Patients after surgery due to significant shrinkage of the stomach and the removal of the hormone ghrelin physiologically, have very little tendency to consume food and even if they do not, cant consume too much food. This limitation remains with imperceptible changes for the rest of his life, and surgery in the first year causes a significant weight loss and then keeps this weight loss the same.

In some cases where the body mass index is high, this surgery is performed in two stages with an interval of about eight months.

This method of persistence in weight loss and achieving the ideal weight, with the cooperation of the patient with a medical team consisting of surgeon, gastroenterologist, nutritionist and psychologist as a good choice and combination therapy with liposuction and abdominoplasty. Weight loss in this surgery, during the studies of various people, depending on the type of cooperation, 70 to 90% of the overweight is in about 18 months.

High weight causes problems such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as asthma, etc. This surgery has both cosmetic and therapeutic aspects.

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