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Gastric sleeve surgery in Iran

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Cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Iran: average 2000-3500
Average stay in Iran: 7-14 days
Return to work after gastric sleeve surgery: 25-30 days
Location: Hospitals and beauty clinics in Iran
Duration of hospitalization: 1-3 days
Type of anesthesia or analgesia: Complete anesthesia 
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Obesity is a problem that is caused today due to various conditions such as improper diet and robotics and making life easier, reducing the level of activity, exercise and stress. There are methods such as exercise and diet and non-invasive methods for losing weight (using microwaves, etc.). They are used to treat obesity. Cows Because surgery is overweight or resistant to other methods, surgery is used to treat obesity.


What is obesity?

Obesity and thinness are conditions related to height and gender that are defined for people. To define obesity, we first need to talk about body mass index, based on which we can say whether a person is obese or not.

The result of this study is a ratio according to which it can be said that a person is obese or thin.

If people have these conditions, they can have gastric sleeve surgery.


BMI> 90

30 <BMI <39.9

An obesity-related disease


Diseases that occur with obesity or due to obesity include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes and sleep acne and respiratory problems and ....


Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery:

1- Reducing the feeling of hunger

2- Getting full quickly

3- Weight loss

4- Reducing the risk and number of diseases and the number of diseases associated with obesity


How is gastric sleeve slimming surgery performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed in the operating room under sterile conditions and under anesthesia. To reduce the aggressiveness of the surgery, one to five incisions are made in the abdomen and about 80% of the gastric sac is removed and sutured through endoscopy. Absorbable sutures are used. A tube is usually inserted to remove the discharge, which is then removed.

After the sleeve surgery, the patient loses weight due to the reduction of the stomach volume and also the secretion of hunger hormone is reduced.

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Weight loss process and success rate with the main operation:

12th month 70%

Sixth month 50%

33% in the first month


After one to two years, the weight loss process stops and they reach a steady state in terms of weight. After this time, patients need diet therapy and exercise to maintain weight and lose weight.

To prevent the return of obesity and weight gain by using TeleHealth and Telemedicine, with the help of lifestyle training and telemedicine visits and medical advice, the Angels of Tourism Company seeks to create a stable weight condition for all patients.


Preparation before gastric sleeve surgery:

1- Initial consultation by a surgeon and anesthesiologist through telemedicine

2- Adherence to diet (reducing sugar intake and increasing fluid and protein intake)

3- Performing tests and photos of the chest

4- Do not consume alcohol (alcohol can cause weight gain due to the conversion of sugar in the body)

5- Do not smoke and use drugs due to delayed recovery and the risk of bleeding, as well as respiratory problems that are prone to obese people.

6- Take a bath the night before surgery and shave your body.

7- Do not fast for twelve to twelve hours and do not eat

8- Do not have jewelry on the day of surgery.

9- You need one to three weeks of work leave and rest at home, so make arrangements before surgery.

10-Talk to your doctor if you are taking anticoagulants or blood thinners such as aspirin.


Patients need to be hospitalized for 2-3 days and will be discharged if they do not have any particular problems. Some surgeons discharge the patient the same day.

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Care after gastric sleeve surgery

1- Observing the diet and using supplements and medicines

2- If you have pain, this pain can be tolerated and treated using painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

3- One to three weeks rest at home

4- The diet starts from dilute liquids (fruit juices, soups, etc.) and then solid foods, etc. are consumed.

5- Periodic activity and sports

6- If you have nausea, vomiting and abnormal inflammation in the abdomen, inform our doctor and treatment experts.

7- Not smoking cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol and drugs


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Complications after gastric sleeve surgery:

Sagging skin: Due to severe weight loss and reduced fat mass, sagging skin occurs in people.

Gastric reflux: In one-fifth of patients in the first year, it gradually disappears

Food intolerance: causing nausea and vomiting when eating large amounts of food

Problems with Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency: This problem will be solved by taking supplements and minerals in medicine and food.

Indigestion: This problem will not occur if a proper diet is used.


Other surgical methods of slimming include VBLOC, LAP BAND, gastric balloon, gastric bypass, duodenal displacement and ASPIRE ASSIST.

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular method of slimming among people and covers about 60% of all slimming surgeries.


Cost of gastric sleeve slimming surgery in Iran:

Comparing the cost of gastric sleeve in different countries shows that Iran is the best choice for slimming surgery.

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