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Gastric balloon surgery in Iran/obesity treatment at an amazing cost for Europeans

Gastric balloon in iran

Gastric slimming surgery in Iran / the best plastic specialist for gastric balloon surgery in Iran / the best specialized clinics and hospitals for gastric balloon surgery in Iran


Gastric balloon is one of the slimming surgery methods during which a balloon containing air or solutions suitable for the body is placed in a normal saline solution that has a concentration equal to body fluids. Balloons that contain air have fewer side effects and less weight than silicone balloons that contain normal saline (0.9% saline solution). This method is rarely used today.

What is the normal stomach volume of a person?

A normal person's stomach volume is between 900 and 1200 cc, and these balloons can be filled between 300 and 800 cc.

Ballooning method in the stomach for weight loss:

The procedure is performed by a gastroenterologist or general surgeon, in which a balloon is inserted into the stomach through an endoscope (a camera that guides the balloon into the stomach). This method is less invasive than other methods.

Ballooning in the stomach takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is performed under anesthesia in the operating room.

In a period of 6 to 12 months, about 10 to 35 kg per person is lost, and after this period of six months, the balloon is released again.

After passing the balloon in the stomach, the air inside it fills up. This volume is adjustable and will continue depending on when patients and the volume of the balloon they tolerate. If patients can’t tolerate the balloon and suffer from complications such as vomiting, nausea and reflux, these balloons are removed.

After placing the balloon in the stomach, it is necessary to control it in case of weight loss and suspicion of rupture of the balloon, the necessary examination is done through ultrasound and endoscopy.


Pre-gastric ballooning preparations:

1- Performing experiments

2- Providing all health information and disease history to the treating physician

3- NO smoke and alcohol

4- Preliminary evaluation of the patient's diet

5- If you are using blood thinners such as aspirin or anti-clotting drugs such as warfarin, etc., talk to your doctor.

6- Patients should fast for 6 to 9 hours the night before surgery.


Post-gastric balloon care:

1- Within first 3 to 5 days, there is a feeling of nausea and vomiting. Start a light diet with fluids and after three days, eat solid foods in small volumes (medications to relieve vomiting and nausea are prescribed)

2- Avoid smoking, tobacco and alcohol.

3- Patients can go home the same day after balloon surgery and do not need to be hospitalized, but need a companion next to them.

4- After one to two days, you can do your normal activities, but have one or two days of complete rest at home.

5- 6 to 12 months after surgery, the balloon can be removed by endoscopy (this is done in the operating room and under anesthesia)

6- Having proper exercise and activity to help the weight loss process

7- The diet given to you by a dietitian.


Benefits of gastric ballooning:

1- Feeling full early

2- It is less invasive than other methods

3- Rapid weight loss

4- Possibility of other slimming methods after removing the balloon


Who can have gastric balloon surgery?

1- Having 40> BMI> 30

2- Having motivation to lose weight

3- No previous gastric or esophageal surgery


Tips and complications related to gastric balloon:

1- Stomach pain

2- Reflux

3- The possibility of balloon rupture

4- It is a temporary method and after that it is possible to become obese again

Costs of gastric balloon slimming surgery in Iran:

Comparison of the cost of gastric ballooning in different countries and Iran

Gastric balloon


Comparison of gastric balloon and gastric sleeve slimming method:

Gastric balloon


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Benefits of Traveling to Iran for Gastric Balloon Slimming Surgery

The realm of medical tourism has been expanding rapidly across the globe. Among various countries, Iran stands out as a prominent destination for gastric balloon slimming surgery. This procedure is gaining popularity among individuals seeking a less invasive solution to weight loss. Below are some compelling reasons why Iran is an ideal choice for this innovative treatment.

Highly Skilled Surgeons for Gastric Balloon Slimming Surgery in Iran

Iran is home to numerous skilled surgeons, many of whom have gained international recognition in the field of weight loss surgery.
Angels Tourism Company assures you that you will have gastric balloon slimming surgery with a beautiful travel experience at the best price in the best international hospitals in Iran.

These surgeons have years of experience and are well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring patients receive the best possible care.

Affordable Treatment

One of the primary attractions of medical tourism in Iran is the affordability of treatments. The cost of a gastric balloon procedure in Iran is significantly lower than in Western countries.

A gastric balloon procedure in Iran can cost around $1,600.

The same procedure can cost upwards of $5,000 in the United States.

This considerable price difference makes it an attractive option for many people seeking affordable healthcare solutions.

Advanced Healthcare Infrastructure

Iran boasts an advanced healthcare system with modern clinics and hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Hospitals like Tehran’s Hospital and Shiraz’s Hospital showcase this well-developed infrastructure.

The country's commitment to healthcare advancement ensures patients receive high-quality treatment comparable to that offered in Western countries.

Cultural Richness and Hospitality

In addition to its medical benefits, Iran offers a rich cultural experience. The country's historical sites, unique cuisine, and warm hospitality make it a wonderful place to visit during recovery.

Cities like Tehran and Shiraz are famous for their historical attractions and vibrant culture.

Iranian cuisine is famed worldwide for its diverse flavors and healthy ingredients.

Patients undergoing treatment can also enjoy these cultural experiences during their stay, enhancing their overall journey towards better health.

Ease of Travel

Traveling to Iran for medical treatment is relatively easy with many direct flights from major cities around the world.

Iran's visa process is straightforward with visa on arrival available for many nationalities.

The country also provides special medical visas that can be extended based on treatment duration.

Thus, logistical issues are minimized, allowing patients to focus on their health.

In essence, traveling to Iran for gastric balloon slimming surgery offers numerous benefits not only from a medical perspective but also from cultural and financial viewpoints. Its combination of skilled surgeons, affordable treatments, advanced healthcare infrastructure, rich culture, and ease of travel make it an appealing choice for anyone considering this life-changing procedure.



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