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Beauty and youth are two options that all people around the world are looking for, this need starts from a young person with a desire for beauty and in middle age seeks to prevent aging and in the ages between middle ages and aging body rejuvenation and beauty simultaneously are considered. Millions of people are looking for cosmetic surgery in the world every year we live in a period of history that Immobility and weight gain and robotics have affected people's lives.

Therefore, many people with the aim of slimming and beauty of the face using heavy surgeries or moderate surgeries and clinical outpatient measures are looking to improve their body and face, need to look beautiful and satisfaction of their appearance is a completely natural need.

Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

Therefore, many people with the aim of slimming and beauty of the face using heavy surgeries or moderate surgeries and clinical outpatient measures are looking to improve their body and face, need to look beautiful and satisfaction of their appearance is a completely natural need.


Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery in Iran

Types of surgery in terms of invasive and non-invasive


Invasive cosmetic surgery

 Cosmetic surgery during which heavy surgery is performed on the body. These surgeries include intestinal sleeve, gastric sleeve surgery and rhinoplasty with open method and breast lift and implantation surgery of the buttocks, etc.


Semi-invasive cosmetic surgery

 These open surgeries are performed by surgery for the beauty of the body, and access to the body's parts will cause less damage and inflammation than invasive procedures, and the amount of body manipulation such as closed rhinoplasty, gel injection to the lips and Botox and face-lift with yarn are among these cosmetic surgeries.


Clinical beauty measures

 These measures are performed out-patiently in clinics and medical clinics, such as hyfu-therapy and skin exfoliation, etc.


Types of cosmetic surgery for different parts of the body:


Breast Cosmetic Surgery (Mammoplasty) in Iran

 Reduced mammoplasty doing by two methods: when breast size is larger than usual, they have drooping.

Increased mammoplasty: When breast size is smaller than usual or requested by individuals

Increased mammoplasty is done with the aim of improving the appearance and increasing the beauty and forming of the body, in this method in the past, hydrogels (gels with water and salt base) and prosthesis were used and today the transplantation of fat from the body itself to the breasts is also one of the methods to do it, mammoplasty reduction is done with the aim of improving and relieving the pain of the shoulders and neck and beauty of the body form.


Mastopexy surgery or breast lift in Iran

In this surgery, part of the skin and adipose tissue is removed and the breasts are lifted and shaped, this method is more durable if you have a healthy lifestyle.

Breast lifts can be performed non-surgically. In this method, this method is done using yarn and in this method, absorbable surgical yarns are used, this method is less durable than surgical methods.


Gynecomastia (male breast shrinking) in Iran

Men's breast enlargement occurs due to medication or hormonal disorders or obesity, in which they surgically remove excess fat tissue and excess skin by cutting, stitching and shrinking breasts.


Slimming Surgery in Iran

Slimming surgery methods include liposuction, lipomatic, lipolysis, gastric sleeve, intestinal sleeve, gastric ballooning and gastric drainage pump, etc.


Liposuction in Iran

 Liposuction is a method for removing excess fat from the body, this surgery is performed with several techniques, but in all of these methods through a focus, excess fat is removed through suctioning.


Tumescent liposuction

 In this method, a solution with epinephrine and lidocaine compounds is injected in the desired position and fat is removed from the body through suctioning. Epinephrine is used to reduce bleeding and lidocaine for anesthesia.


Liposuction with ultrasound

 Using sound waves, fatty masses are crushed and absorbed and removed through canola.


Laser suctioning

 Laser energy is used to hydrate fats and fats are pulled out of the body through suctioning


Lipomatic Surgery in Iran

Lipomatic are similar in appearance to liposuction, but in this method, using Infrared and ultrasound, fats and larger parts of liposuction are converted and less damaged and they can be used for injection into other parts of the body after. lipomatic surgery can be done simultaneously with breast lift, mammoplasty, Brazilian butt lift, etc.


Gastric bypass surgery in Iran

In this surgery, by changing the pathway of the stomach and the junction of the stomach and intestines, it is caused by reducing the absorption of food through the small intestine of slimming, so in this method the overall amount of calories absorbed by the body decreases.


Gastric sleeve, weight loss surgery in Iran

In the gastric sleeve, a part of the stomach is removed and the volume of the stomach is about one-tenth of the previous stomach volume for the patient, in this way the patient feels satiety earlier than before and the amount of food consumed also reduces, and as a result, the amount of calories that are absorbed purely in the patient's body is reduced, and also in this surgical procedure, the part of the stomach that secretes the hormone appetite and hunger. It does not get removed and the result of the patient's appetite also diminishes.


Vulvovaginal Surgery in Iran

Vulvovaginal surgery includes labiaplasty, labioplasty and reduced size of labia minor and vaginoplasty.

Labia has two large and small sizes in female genitals. The magnitude, drooping and disguised labia are very unpleasant for women. In labiaplasty surgery, the size and shape of labia are corrected.

vaginoplasty surgery treats vaginal dilatation, decreased libido and decreased sexual pleasure, and increases attractiveness and confidence in women. Vagina dilatation usually occurs after childbirth in women, which is very unpleasant for them. Vaginoplasty can increase sexual pleasure and rejuvenate the vagina.


Abdominoplasty (Tommy Tuck) in Iran

Abdominoplasty is a method of abdominal slimming by removing excess skin and fat in the abdominal wall. This procedure is also called Tommy Tuck surgery.

Tommy Tuck is known to be a Tommy Tuck and Mini Tommy Tuck due to the amount of skin and fat that is removed.

Liposuction and abdominoplasty are different, liposuction is a slimming method with fat depletion, but tommy tuck or abdominoplasty is a method to remove excess fat and skin that causes abdominal drooping.

Abdominoplasty is suitable for those who have suffered abdominal drooping after rapid slimming or those who have undergone liposuction surgery.


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Iran

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery in which fats removed through liposuction inject the abdomen into the buttocks after this surgery, the buttocks have a more attractive shape and shape, and given that Brazilian buttocks use the body's own fats for forming, the chances of transplantation and infection are reduced.


Breast lift in Iran

Breast lift or mastopexy is used to raise and increase the volume of breasts during this surgery the skin and excess fat are removed. Breast drooping after childbirth, breastfeeding, rapid weight loss and aging, as well as in some hereditary people, breast lift is a way to relieve breast drooping that many women tend to do.


Blepharoplasty in Iran

Cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a type of surgery to improve the appearance of the eyelids, blepharoplasty on the upper or lower eyelids or both, eyelid drooping happens with aging and also in some people due to genetic issues in East Asia. After blepharoplasty, the appearance of eyelids and eyes becomes more attractive and beautiful.


Facelift in Iran

Aging and slimming cause wrinkles and sagging facial skin in the facelift by using methods such as facelift with yarn, facelift with surgery and lift with nonsurgical methods such as hyfu-therapy, etc. facial skin drooping is resolved. The parts of the face that are drooping include the cheeks, most of which are facelifts on this part of the face.


Facial and jaw angulation in Iran

Facial angles play a very important role in the beautiful look of people, the angle of the jaw and face and the use of fat injection and gel is done in the angle of the face for surface curvature (contour) very quick and good effects can be seen in the beauty of the face. The effects of injection in the form of angularization (contourig) are long-term or even permanent durability, of course, the shelf-life of the injection is determined according to the type of injection material, fat has a shorter effect than implant gels. Gels are also divided into several categories with short, medium and long-term shelf life.


Hair transplantation in Iran

With the arrival of middle age, two-thirds of men gradually develop hair loss and after 50 years the percentage of hair loss reaches 85 percent, it is worth mentioning that women also develop hair loss. The reasons for hair loss are non-normative hair drying, gels, chemicals, paints, etc. The presence of hair in the head is a very important item for beauty, hair transplantation from three stages: 1- Harvesting hair follicular units (hair graphite) from the hair bank (part of the body that has proper density hair) 2- Preparation of graphite 3- Hair transplantation.


Dental Beauty in Iran

Dental cosmetic procedures are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, including tooth lamination, dental lamination, orthodontic composite teeth and implants, dental scaling, enamel, bleaching lacquer, dental mask, tooth bridge and dental veneer, etc.

 Beautiful smile has a great impact on beauty and Iran is one of the countries with cheap dental services.


Dental Composites in Iran

Dental composite is one of the methods of correcting the smile design, for this action a material called composite resin is used in this method the shape of the teeth becomes symmetrical and the color of the teeth becomes whiter.


Dental Orthodontics in Iran

Orthodontics is one of the cosmetic procedures in dentistry that straightens the teeth in a row and fixes problems such as disharmony on the contact surface of the upper and lower teeth, in orthodontics, an external device (bracket or tooth wire) is used to correct the position of the teeth. Deformity and disharmony of the upper and lower jaws can be caused by genetic problems and improper growth of teeth, which can be resolved by using orthodontics.


Hollywood smile in Iran

Hollywood smile is a complete change in the design of smiles and the beauty of the face, Hollywood smiles is a series of dental measures that use veneer and crown on teeth and implants using the veneer in Hollywood smiles can be prevented from crushing and changing color and creating stains.

Hollywood smile has different clinics based on dental conditions and economic conditions, before doing the Hollywood smile design, other dental problems such as decay and scaling should be done and after doing orthodontics and making forms and making teeth can be done Hollywood smile design.


Dental Laminate in Iran

Tooth laminate or veneer is a thin veneer that is the same color of teeth and is done for beauty and correction of smile design, laminates correct the shape of the color and size of the teeth, the laminate causes beauty and also increases the resistance of the teeth and is more resistant to damage to the teeth than the enamel and hides the structural flaws and color of the teeth and the teeth are completely uniform. And they show the same size and color.


Nose job in iran

Nose nose or rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the nose. This surgery can be performed to enlarge or reduce the size of the nose, change the angle of the nose relative to the upper lip, change the tip of the nose, or correct protrusions, indentations, or other defects in the nose.


Closed nose job

In closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes an incision inside the nose and in each of the nasal passages. Surgery can be performed on these incisions. The advantage of this method is less swelling and hiding scars inside the nose. Also, the recovery period is shorter.


Open nose job

In this method, an incision is made under the nose and the entire skin of the nose is removed and surgery is performed with a wider range of operations.