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Buccal fat surgery in iran/cost/free consultation

Buccal fat removal surgery

Increasing facial attractiveness with buccal fat surgery in Iran / the best plastic specialist for buccal fat surgery in Iran / the best hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics for buccal fat surgery in Iran

In dealing with different people, the first thing that catches our attention is the other person's face. The importance of having a beautiful face is increasing among all people, and with a simple look around, it is easy to understand that today most women focus on looking more beautiful on their face. In this regard, we see the daily entry of various devices and drugs with different technologies into the beauty industry.

Sometimes, despite a healthy diet or even regular exercise, some parts of the body, especially the face, do not lose weight easily. This may destroy the fit of the face to the limbs. Facial obesity occurs for a variety of reasons, including being overweight, genetic predisposition, water retention in the face, and many more. But the point is, there is no need to worry; Because there is a very safe way to eliminate facial obesity and that is buccal surgery.

Intraoral fat, or lip fat, is a type of deep fat called buccal fat. This fat causes the outer corner of the lip to become full and the ridge of the cheekbones to be hidden under this fat and is not visible.

Buccal removal fat from the lower part of the lip, exposing the cheekbones. The surgery should be performed by a specialist, experienced and familiar with the science of aesthetics, in order to establish balance in the face and maintain the symmetry of the face.

Lip fat is of fetal origin and is not considered subcutaneous fat, so its amount does not change with weight gain or loss. However, the effect of surgery is more pronounced in obese people and the changes will be more dramatic. Lip fat is not removed by exercise or diet and the only way to get rid of it is surgery. But this operation, like any other invasive method, has side effects that you should be aware of before taking action.


Buccal fat surgery in Iran


The process of buccal surgery

The doctor has used sedatives or local anesthetics for this operation and there is no complete anesthesia.

This takes between 60 and 90 minutes. You will not feel any pain during the operation.

You should be monitored by a doctor for a few hours after the operation. Whenever your doctor declares your general condition normal, you are discharged and can go home.

In this operation, absorbable sutures are used and the wound is cut inside the mouth. Therefore, there are no scars or stitches on the face.

2 to 4 cm inside the mouth is cut in the upper part of the second tooth of the upper mill and the cheek fat is emptied from this area.

Be sure to go for a few sessions before the operation and ask your doctor to give you a full explanation of the operation and care before and after.


Complications of buccal surgery

This operation is considered a low-risk and low-complication method. However, a series of possible side effects can not be ignored!

Temporary stiffness in the jawbone is one of the rare complications of this operation. In the event of this complication, the person feels that the jaw is difficult to move and it seems as if it is locked. The jawbone may also become numb.

Restrictions on head and neck movement

Swelling: Another complication of this operation is swelling in the jaw and face. You will definitely have some swelling after the operation and this is normal, but if this swelling becomes too much or painful, you should inform your doctor. You can reduce or eliminate the natural swelling of the face after the operation by using face masks or anti-inflammatory drugs. Of course, this inflation will disappear on its own after a while and there is no need to worry!

Infection: Another possible complication of this operation. If you do not follow the postoperative care or recovery period properly, the risk of infection will be high. Regular use of mouthwash, antibiotics and good oral hygiene will greatly prevent infections.

Bleeding: If you eat solid food or do strenuous exercise, it can cause bruising and damage to the wound and may cause bleeding.

Persistent pain: If you do not take proper care before and after the operation, pain in the operated area will be inevitable. You should see a doctor if you feel severe pain.

Cheek asymmetry: Cheeks may be asymmetrical if the doctor is not professional enough or if the person has manipulated the operation site.

Cheek sagging: If you do not follow the postoperative care properly, there is a possibility of sagging and sagging cheeks. Aging is also another factor that causes drooping cheeks.

Facial muscle damage: If the doctor is not skilled enough, he may damage the facial muscles and have irreversible complications. So be careful in choosing your doctor and clinic!


Preoperative care for buccal surgery

Stop taking allergens altogether a few days before surgery.

Buccal surgery is a topical procedure; For this reason, avoid eating or drinking any food or drink 12 hours before the operation.

Stop drinking alcohol or smoking completely two or three days before the operation.

Avoid taking aspirin in the days leading up to surgery. Because aspirin dilutes the blood.

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash before surgery.


Care after buccal surgery

As we have said so far, postoperative care and recovery play a key role in achieving the desired result, and if you do not implement them properly, not only will you not get good results, but there may be serious damage to health. Or show off your beauty. But what does this postoperative care include?

The wounds from the operation make it difficult to eat for several days and there is a possibility of pain in the surgical area. Therefore, it is better to eat liquids and watery foods such as tonic soups or soups instead of solid foods during this period.

To reduce the swelling caused by the operation, it is better to use two pillows while lying down so that your head is high.


Postoperative care:

Note that in the first week after surgery, the oral muscles should have the least movement; So the food you want should be light and soft.

Remember that the mouth should be rinsed with a special rinse after each meal or drink.

In consultation with your doctor, use antibiotics for up to a week after surgery.

When resting, the head should be held slightly higher so that no pressure is applied to the operated area of ​​the face.

Under no circumstances should you smoke until the surgical site is completely repaired.

Never touch the wound or stitches with your tongue.

Dangerous exercises that cause blows to the face should be avoided until the wounds have healed.

Finally, for some time after the operation, you can use a special face protector in consultation with your doctor.


Permanent durability of buccal fat

Buccal fat is a permanent surgery and after draining the fat inside the mouth, the possibility of high fat accumulation in the operated part is very low. But despite these interpretations, there are factors that affect the durability of this practice. These include diet, overweight and even weight loss.

Note, however, that the end result of buccal fat loss occurs within a few months, and the end result will change with significant weight gain or loss.


Cost of buccal fat surgery in Iran

One of the most important factors for people is the cost of surgery. As you know, buccal surgery is a cosmetic surgery; Therefore, it is not covered by insurance.

Iran is one of the cheap countries for cosmetic surgeries. And the costs of cosmetic surgery in Iran are very low compared to European or American countries and even the Middle East.


For example, we examine the cost of buccal surgery in Iran and several other countries:

COST (dollars)



The cost of buccal cosmetic surgery in Iran is approximately


The cost of buccal cosmetic surgery in Berlin is approximately


The cost of buccal cosmetic surgery in London is approximately


The cost of buccal cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles is approximately


Keep in mind that international credit and bank cards can not be used in Iran and you must have cash with you. Or they can transfer money to you through Iranian exchange offices so that you can spend it in Iran.

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