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Brain Tumor Surgery in Iran

The best neurosurgeon for brain surgery in Iran

Brain tumor surgery in Iran / The best neurosurgeon for brain surgery in Iran / The best subspecialty brain surgery hospitals in Iran


Brain tumor is a cancer in the brain and abnormal growth of brain cells that disrupts people's health status.

Tumors are divided into two types based on where they were formed and the type of spread:

1- Primary tumor: About 50% of tumors are of this type, starting in the brain from vascular wall cells or primary skull nerves.


2- Metastatic tumors: Tumors originating from other parts of the body that have been moved to the brain (usually from lung or prostate or breast cancer in women)

Tumors are divided into two types: benign tumors and malignant tumors


What are the symptoms of brain tumors?

Headache: The most common symptom commonly associated with nausea and vomiting.

Seizures: Seizures are caused by tumor pressure to specific areas of the brain and increase as the tumor grows. In case of unprovoked seizures, it is recommended to see your doctor for diagnostic tests.

Cognitive disorders: sudden changes in behavior and mental state

Neurological defects: A weakened sense of weakness in the limbs on one side or both sides, and impaired gait, etc. can be symptoms of brain cancer.


Diagnosis of brain tumors:

1- Through specialized clinical trials



4- Electrocerebral tape


Brain tumor treatment:

Brain tumor treatment is like other cancer treatments and includes chemotherapy or surgery or radiotherapy or a combination of any of these.

If the tumor is in the part of the brain where surgery is possible and complete removal, brain surgery is the best treatment.

Otherwise, part of the tumor will be removed through surgery and other parts will be removed through radiotherapy or prevented from growing through chemotherapy.

Brain tumor surgery is aimed at reducing tumor pressure on brain tissue because this increase in pressure can cause sensory and motor disorders and decrease the level of consciousness, etc. which can be life-threatening in certain situations.


How is brain tumor surgery performed?

After diagnosis of the exact location and size and type of tumor, the scalp and bone will be removed and complete anesthesia will be performed before surgery. Through precision tools and advanced microscopes, the tumor is removed and a tube is placed to drain the secretions in the brain, which is later removed.

Removal of the brain bone (in the form of circles and squares at the site of the tumor) is called


During surgery, a tumor biopsy is performed which is sent to the pathology laboratory for testing.

There are various techniques for brain surgery such as open brain surgery and endonasal technique and closed brain surgery technique through camera and endoscopy and... Diagnosis is the best surgical procedure and paying attention to the type of disease and the diagnosis of the doctor.

After the surgery, the skin will be stitched.

After the surgery, patients are waiting for a short time to go to the neurology intensive care unit to improve vital signs in a room called recovery.

Patients need to be admitted to the ICU after brain surgery because they need to closely examine vital signs and specialized care, and after normalizing vital signs, patients go to the normal ward and according to the physician's opinion, they are discharged after a few days.


Postoperative care of brain tumor surgery:

- Take care of the dressing place and replace the dressings daily

- Keep the wound dry and clean

- Start moving in the section to avoid clots in the legs.

- The use of anti-embolic socks prevents the clot of the legs

- Use the prescribed medications at the right time and in the correct form.

- Respiratory rehabilitation if patients are under artificial mechanical ventilation in ICU.

- Avoid severe coughing and heavy activities.

- Check blood pressure regularly.

- Your panology answer will be sent through the application in the digital medical file.

- Fill out your daily history sheet in the app to check and set up a care plan.


Cost of brain tumor surgery in Iran:

The cost of brain tumor surgery varies according to the size of the brain tumor. Iran has the lowest cost of free treatment in the world according to the type of facilities provided.

For detailed information about prices, send your medical documents and problems on the application and online chat or free evaluation section so that our neurologists will give you the necessary medical information with the initial consultation and the medical experts will tell you the price of surgery.

Digital file and telemedicine are provided free of charge in our treatment package and you will be joined at the Virtual Neurology Clinic to provide you with telemedicine care.



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