Abdomen and flank Lipomatic surgery in Iran

lipomatic surgery in iran

Fast slimming of the abdomen and flanks with lipomatic surgery in Iran / the best slimming and plastic surgeon for lipomatic surgery of the abdomen and flanks in Iran / the best hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics for lipomatic surgery of the abdomen and flanks in Iran


Duration of lipomatic operation: 1-3 hours
Lipomatic surgery site: Hospital or cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran
Lipomatic suture site: invisible / a few small holes 1-2 cm on the abdomen or sides
Time required for rest of the lipomatic dimension: 4-8 days

Surgical effects: Visible immediately after surgery. / Completely after reducing inflammation 1-2 months
Durability of lipomatic surgery: It is permanent if you follow a diet and do not become obese.
Hospitalization: discharge on the same day of operation / one day
Other services: Hotel - Translator - City trip - Hospital hoteling - Medical visa
Free Services: Telemedicine or Virtual Internet and Visits in the Application - Digital Medical Record
Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Cost of Abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery in Iran: $ 1,500 - $ 2,400

One of the areas where excess fat accumulates in obesity is the flanks and abdomen. Abdomen and flank lipomatic is one of the fastest sculpting methods.


Who is lipomatic surgery suitable for?

- Experience of pregnancy and weight gain and accumulation of fat in the abdomen and flanks.

- Experience of a previous pregnancy that stretches the abdominal muscles and increases the incidence of obesity in women. Pregnancy is one of the causes of obesity in women.

-Draining of the accumulated fat at the incision site for cesarean.

- Those who have diabetes and have a lot of fat stored in body. Lipomatic surgery is used to reduce BMI and improve lifestyle in diabetics.

- Existence of resistant fats in the body that are not eliminated by normal diets or exercise.

- Existence of previous obesity and weight loss and recurrence of obesity causes the creation of more fiber and resistant fats that cannot be easily lost with diet.


Abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery

Lipomatic surgery is used to remove subcutaneous fat in abdomen and flanks.

Fat can be stored in body in two ways:

Subcutaneous fat: Subcutaneous fat is superficial and lipomatic surgery can remove subcutaneous fat.

Visceral fat: Abdominal visceral fat is present in the deep parts of the abdomen and around the intestines, stomach, liver, etc., and this fat cannot be emptied with lipomatic surgery, and only with diet and exercise methods, this deep and visceral fat can be removed.


Abdomen lipomatic surgery

Abdomen lipomatic surgery is used to remove superficial abdomen fat that cannot be removed by conventional methods such as diet and exercise. Belly fat is the most resistant body fat to be removed by diets and exercise and because of abdomen muscle’s lack of movement, etc., the best way to lose weight fast is abdomen lipomatic surgery. Most of the fat that causes obesity and sagging abdomen is under the skin and is one of the superficial fat, and with abdominal lipomatic surgery, it can be easily emptied and you will reach the desired body shape.


flank Lipomatic Surgery

In flank liposuction surgery, the fat stored under the skin is drained from the lower chest to the upper waistline. Fat stored in flanks are also resistant fat, and those who are obese in the flanks are people who can have lipomatic surgery to slim the flanks. The fat appearance of the flanks causes a bad appearance and body sculpting using lipomatic is one of the fast ways to lose weight in flank area.


What is Lipomatic?

Lipomatic is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. In this method, the fat stored in different parts of the body is removed through a few small holes, enter the body canola and using waves and suction, the fat is removed from the body.

In lipomatic surgery, not much surgical incision is made and fat is removed from body with minimal pain. Fat removed form body by using lipomatic surgery can be used to shape other parts of the body.


Lipomatic surgery pre-operative care

1- Avoid taking aspirin, gelofen and NSAIDs and vitamins and blood thinners that can increase the risk of bleeding.

2- Do not smoke for two weeks before cosmetic sculpting surgery

3- Do not drink alcohol two weeks before cosmetic surgery

4- Not eating and fasting 9 hours before abdomen and flank sculpting surgery

5- Discuss all your illnesses and medications with your doctor.


Abdomen and flank lipomatic slimming surgery post-operative care

1- After lipomatic surgery, there is a little pain and burning in body. Acetaminophen can be used to reduce pain.

2- Use a lot of fluids

3- Do not use too much salt to prevent body from inflammation


The cost of abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery

Lipomatic surgery costs are determined depending on the location of the surgery and the amount of fat and other factors.


What factors determine the cost of lipomatic surgery?

1- The part that needs lipomatic surgery

This is very important to determine the cost of lipomatic surgery. For example, abdominal lipomatic is more common than thigh lipomatic.

2- Abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery and volumizing of buttocks and other parts of the body

Brazilian buttock liposuction and surgery can be performed at the same time and abdomen and flank fat is injected into the buttocks. Lipomatic surgery and body shaping can change the cost of cosmetic surgery.

3- Body fat and BMI and abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery

Body fat volume and BMI are very important in determining the price of abdominen and flank lipomatic surgery. The higher the fat volume, the higher the lipomatic cost.

4- Body sculpting and slimming surgery

The cost of lipomatic is different from the cost of liposuction, etc., and the type of method that a specialist doctor chooses to remove fat affects the cost of weight loss surgery.

5- The payment of a plastic doctor for lipomatic surgery

The payment of an experienced cosmetologist and specialist is very different from a novice specialist.

6- Location of abdominrn and flank lipomatic surgery

Abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery can be performed in limited surgery clinics and hospitals.

The cost of lipomatic surgery in a hospital is higher than cosmetic surgery in clinics.

7- The cost of pre-lipomatic tests

8- The cost of photo studio, etc. before and after cosmetic surgery

9- The cost of anesthesia for lipomatic surgery

Anesthesia and analgesia also have different methods and abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery can be performed with complete anesthesia or local anesthesia. The cost of these two is different.


Advantages of abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery

1- Fast weight loss and achieving the desired body shape without strict diets.

2- 100% positive result of slimming surgery

3- Lipomatic surgery can be performed with local anesthesia.

4- Low price of lipomatic surgery compared to other weight loss surgeries

5- Simultaneous skin lift with lipomatic

6- Less side effects

7- No stitches and dressings in slimming surgery


Cost of lipomatic surgery in Iran

Slimming cosmetic surgery in Iran generally has a lower cost than countries such as United States or European countries.


Cost $

Cost of Abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery in New York

25,000 - 38,000

Cost of Abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery in UK

22,000 - 35,000

Cost of Abdomen and flank Lipomatic surgery in Germany (Berlin)

9,000 - 13,000


Cost of Abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery in Iran

1,500 - 2,400


Tourism services for abdomen and flank lipomatic surgery

1- Telemedicine

2- Digital medical file

3- Free follow-up treatment after returning to your country.