Tummy tuck surgery in İran

Tommy Tuck Surgery in Iran

Tommy Tuck package cost in Iran

Tommy Tuck operation time: 2-4 hours
Tommy Tuck Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery Hospital or Clinic
Analgesia: Complete anesthesia
Method of treatment: surgery
Suture site and surgical incision: Abdominal / not visible
Duration of rest and leave from work: 10-15 days
Observation of the effect of the operation: Immediately after the operation / after reducing the inflammation for 1-2 months, it fully shows its surgical effects
Sustainability of Tommy Tuck operation: Permanent / need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle
Hospitalization: 1-2 days

Approximate cost of tummy tuck: $ 1800-3800
Other services: Hotel - Medical visa - Translator - Transfer
Free services: telemedicine / digital medical records / free skin and hair care workshops