Medical and cosmetic services in Iran

Medical treatment and cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery services in Iran

Medical treatment and cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery services in Iran


Close your eyes and for a moment think about getting better and looking nicer. All of us are in search of a nice look because of aesthetic sense.

In recent years medical science has achieved the ability to make our wishes come true and got us closer to the mental image of ourselves.

Numerous beauty products that have temporary effects such as obesity treatment and face reshape, skin and organs treatments.

Adherence to pre- and post- operative procedures, support and follow up of treatment can enhance the quality of treatment.

Forty-two medical universities in Iran have the highest rankings in the field of diseases diagnosis and treatment based on standards of the WHO.

Iran is the 35th most effective country in medical advancement according to the journal and also have the most medical and beauty centers among Islamic countries and the Middle East.

Tourism angels team with nearly a decade of reputation has been established to provide all medical services from outpatient treatment to advanced surgeries in sub-specialized centers.


Clinical-aesthetical therapy services provided by tourism angels are:

1. Free online cosmetic consultation, free digital medical record and skin care products after surgeries based on East traditional medicine.

2. Surgical, clinical and visit services for aesthetical-medical services.

3. skin and hair care clinic in iran and virtually in applications.

4. performing scheduled pre- and post-surgery procedures.

5.using best clinics and specialized medical and nursing staff in plastic surgeries.

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providing all diagnostic services in Iran in the best specialized medical centers at the most appropriate cost compared to Turkey, India, etc. and free other digital medical services distinguishes us from other related companies.

In order to eliminate medical complications after surgery we provide free support as medical advice regarding the latest medical procedures and also the right lifestyle and proper nutrition suitable for your disease and traditional supplementary medicine in treatment package for you.

All your information is saved as a digital file in your user profile for use in your own country or in Iran.

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Types of facial cosmetic surgery in Iran

The items that are included in the categories of facial surgery are as follows:

Ear cosmetic surgery (otoplasty)
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
Jaw cosmetic surgery (orthognathics)
Chin plastic surgery (gynoplasty or mentoplasty)
cheek prosthesis
Face lift with surgery

Nose plastic surgery in Iran(nose job in Iran)

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common types of facial cosmetic surgery and it is summarized in the following three models:

Normal nose surgery
Fancy or doll nose surgery
Semi-fantasy nose surgery

In rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty, the nose surgeon removes defects such as being large and wide, drooping tip, deviation, hump on the nose, etc. and finally creates a nose that fits the person's face.
It is better to know that in this operation, the nose surgeon chooses one of the open or closed nose surgery methods according to his skills and experience.
In open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made on the columella; But in nose surgery, no incision is made on the columella.


Ear cosmetic surgery in Iran

Those who have abnormalities in the size, shape, placement and symmetry of their ears due to congenital reasons or as a result of trauma and accident, and this issue has caused resentment and problems in their lives, can be treated with the help of cosmetic surgery. Please try to fix these problems.
In fact, otoplasty or ear cosmetic surgery is performed to eliminate the prominence, size of the ear and its deformities.
In this type of cosmetic surgery, to apply changes, the surgeon makes a small incision on the folds behind the ear and applies the required changes on the cartilage of the ear, and finally, stitches and bandages the ear in the desired area.


Eyelid cosmetic surgery in Iran

People who due to factors; Such as aging, genetics, environmental factors, etc., they have ugliness in their eyelids, they can restore the attractiveness of their eyes with the help of this facial cosmetic surgery.
Blepharoplasty or eyelid cosmetic surgery is performed with the aim of removing puffiness, fat and sagging eyelids.
In this method, the surgeon performs upper or lower eyelid surgery or both eyelids based on the patient's problem, in upper eyelid surgery, incisions are made on the existing lines, and in lower eyelid surgery, changes are made along the eyelashes or inside the eyelids. and the required changes are applied.


Cosmetic jaw surgery in Iran

Some people are faced with the problem of small jaw or large and deviated jaw, in cosmetic jaw surgery, the maxillofacial surgeon takes care to fix it according to the patient's condition.
Abnormalities related to the jaw affect abilities such as speaking, chewing food, etc., and cause problems in the normal course of a person's life. With jaw cosmetic surgery, you can get these abilities.


Chin plastic surgery in Iran (gynoplasty or mentoplasty)

Another component that is very effective in having a beautiful face is the chin. Some people have small chins that can be solved by chin prosthesis. Also, those who suffer from receding chin through gynoplasty (pulling the chin forward) and people whose chin is protruding, can correct their chin problem by mentoplasty (pulling the chin forward).


Cheek prosthesis in Iran

If your face does not have cheekbones or you have a thin face. By performing cheek prosthesis, you can increase their volume and have a beautiful face.

types of lifting cosmetic surgery; Drawing the face, eyebrows, forehead and neck
Lifting surgeries have been among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in recent years. Lifting is used to pull the skin of the face and different areas, which is used to eliminate superficial and deep wrinkles. There are different types of lifting surgeries that the specialist doctor suggests the most effective surgery according to the needs of the applicant.

However, the most common complication seen after rhytidectomy or face lift surgery is bleeding under the skin. Specialist doctors will fix this problem quickly and accurately, but if you make a mistake in choosing a surgeon, it will not be easy to return to normal.

Lifting surgeries are more popular in young and old women aged 40 to 60. In addition to removing all kinds of wrinkles, these surgeries are also effective for removing sagging and loose skin in the forehead and neck area.


Cosmetic eye surgery in Iran

Cosmetic eye surgery gives new youth to the face and includes four types of surgery based on the condition of the face and is used to enlarge the eyes.

1. Canthoplasty or slitting the inner corner of the eye

(This operation is mostly used for elongated eyes and making them bigger.)

2. Spreading the lower eyelid

(In this procedure, the supporting tissue of the eyelid is pulled down and tightened and minimizes the lower eyelid. This procedure removes drooping and tired eyes from the face and makes the person look more alert and younger.)

3. Epicanthoplasty operation of the outer corner of the eyelid

(In this operation, the puffiness above the eyelid is removed to create balance in the face, although this operation has a high risk and is performed under special conditions.)

4. Ptosis or eyelid drooping

(In this operation, the puff above the eye is removed. Eyelid drooping has various causes and its treatment is also done according to its causes.)


Types of body contouring or body contouring surgery methods

Cosmetic surgeries are actually used to improve the appearance of the face, teeth, neck, trunk (breasts, abdomen and hips) and limbs (arms, thighs). Body contouring surgeries including panniculectomy (removal of excess skin in the lower abdomen area), abdominoplasty (removal of skin and fat around the abdomen), liposuction, lifting or cutting body lift such as lower abdomen lift, arm lift (brachioplasty), lift Inner thigh, breast reconstruction (including breast lift, reduction or increase in breast volume) and hip volume increase.


Liposuction in Iran

Liposuction is the most famous body beauty procedure that is performed. The number of liposuction patients has increased by 264% since 1370, which is a very significant increase. A person with stable weight and localized fat deposits that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise is an ideal candidate for liposuction. Liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia. If there is excess skin that makes liposuction insufficient, a skin lift is necessary. In many cases, after examining the person's physical condition, the doctor decides to use a combination of some surgical methods.


Lifting or raising thighs, hips and arms in Iran

Significant weight loss often leads to excess skin accumulation on the buttocks and thighs. Thigh and hip lift removes excess skin and fat and gives a firmer and slimmer look to the legs and hips. This makes wearing jeans a lot easier and also helps to have a younger and fresher look in the legs and lower body. Brachioplasty or arm lift also removes excess skin under the arms.


Lipomatic surgery in Iran

Lipomatic surgery is among body beauty and slimming procedures. In this method, fat accumulated in organs such as abdomen, hips, thighs, legs and sides are extracted. This method is one of the branches of liposuction, with the difference that the pain and side effects of liposuction are less. In addition, the fat extracted after purification can be injected into other parts of the face and body. In this method, surgery is not performed and the cannulas (tubes related to fat removal) enter the layers of the skin with only a few centimeters of incision in the skin. Therefore, you do not face complications from surgery and you will be able to do your daily activities after a very short recovery period.


Panniculectomy in Iran

A panniculectomy removes excess skin. The surgical incision is located exactly above the pubic bone. Compared to other contouring methods, this method does not significantly tighten the skin of the abdomen.


Abdominoplasty in Iran

Abdominoplasty surgery is a surgical method to improve the appearance of the abdomen by removing extra fat and skin in the abdominal area and repairing the defect in the muscle layer of the abdominal wall with wide incisions. Abdominoplasty surgery is performed in order to improve the appearance of the abdomen and based on the anatomical features of individuals, which includes liposuction alone, limited abdominoplasty and extensive abdominoplasty with or without liposuction.


Mammoplasty in Iran

Mammoplasty is an increase in breast lift, increase in breast volume, removal of excess fat, and correction of the appearance of the breast due to sagging and drooping of the breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This operation can be performed in men with large breasts or gynecomastia.


Women's beauty practice in Iran

Injection of gel into the vagina is one of the cosmetic operations and cosmetic surgery of women, but it is very light and its results can be seen after 1 to 2 hours. No cuts and scars are created, so the patient will not feel any pain during the injection and does not need to rest after the injection, so he can immediately return to his daily life.

Rejuvenation and lightening of the vagina
Bulking up and creating symmetry in the labia majora
Tightening and stretching of the skin
Removing wrinkles in the labia

People whose labia are wrinkled and drooped due to aging
People who have thin labia and want to have fuller labia
People who have asymmetric labia and do not want surgery


Types of women's beauty procedures

As the name of these procedures suggests, these procedures are used to beautify the sexual organ. Today, one of the concerns of women is their concern about the appearance of their sexual organs. Bigness, asymmetry of the labia, dark color of the external parts of the genitals, pain during sexual intercourse, etc. can be reasons for doing such beauty procedures for women.


This procedure is suitable for women whose vaginal muscles are weak. By doing this, they return to their original state.

This procedure is suitable for women who have torn perineum. The perineum is the part between the vagina and the anus, which often happens due to multiple births. But there is no need to worry and people who have this problem will return to their previous state by doing this procedure.

Tightening the vagina with thread:
This method is done using vaginal threads. In the past, thread was used for stretching and lifting the face, but today, using new methods and tools, it is possible to lift the vagina for the purpose of beauty (cosmetic surgery), rejuvenation and tightening of the vagina. The operation of tightening the vagina with thread is completely outpatient and without anesthesia and there is no bleeding.

Tightening the vagina with laser:
Laser vaginal tightening is very popular because in this method no cut is made on the vagina, so the sensory nerves of the vagina are not damaged and the recovery period will be very short.