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It has a set of surgeries that together to create topical slimming and drain topical fats and inject the same fat into other parts of the body.Body contouring or sculpting surgeries requires hospital visits and surgical clinics and anesthesia to be performed.

There are several ways to perform these surgeries:

- Liposet

- Ultra Z

- Lipolysis

- Lipomatics



 In this method, several holes are created in the proper position and the topical fats are removed by suctioning. The risks of side

effects in this method are low and the volume of drained fat is more.



 T.L.A. and vibrination techniques are used in this method and fats are removed from the body.

The advantages of this method are uniform withdrawal and reduction of such as fat pelletization.

Generally, liposuction is more advanced way of lipomatics.



 With a few special incisions called fat centers, the fat is removed from the position. These two methods are used to remove fats

and these fats cannot be injected into other parts of the body due to lack of quality.



 This method is used in two ways:

1-laser (ultrasonic waves) and liquid injection

2-heating fat cells

by using these 2 methods the fats are removed by suction, in the first method because this fat is fluid, it is not possible to inject them into the

body but in the second method it is possible to inject.

Combined methods can also be used in body contouring surgeries.


First, you will contact a nutritionist to provide a suitable diet method and these documents will be sent to us via telemedicine and digital filed.

In the next step, you will be consulted with a surgeon and medical expert for free and you must meet the following requirements in order to perform the surgery.

- No smoking

- No heart disease

- No emotional problems and severe depression

- Elimination of factors and diseases that cause obesity and overweight

- Having a healthy diet


The results of the body contouring operation:

For more detailed information based on reducing the size and observance of healthy diet and lifestyle, it can be said that

this method is effective in slimming.

In each subject, it is possible to remove two liters of fat from each area.

How much is the reduction of size in body contouring surgery?

6.6 cm in the abdomen

6.4 cm in thighs

6.3 cm in the arm

3.5 cm in shins


What is the cost of body sculpting surgery?

To find out the price according to your history of illness and weight, fill out the request section or contact us via message from the free

consultation and online chat section.


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