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Eyelid fixing surgery is aimed at removing drooping and improving the beauty of facial tics and known as blepharoplasty, a type of cosmetic surgery.

Why is the beauty of eyelids important?

We're paying more attention to eye contact in face-to-face with people. Attracting people in eye contact is very important.

Drooping eyelids and puffiness and folding of the skin are caused by aging.

The eyes speak and embody beauty, and eyelids are a beautiful frame for these sparkling diamonds.

The bezel around the eyes, wrinkles and drooping are removed in this surgery.


Comparison of eye and eyelid shapes in animals:

Cats' Eyes: Stretched eyes and attractive

Deer Eyes: Coarse and beautiful and full of feeling

Primate eyes (like monkeys): sad and tired

Depending on the composition and ossification of the face, a special shape of the eyes is chosen.


Problems with eyelid drooping and treated with blepharoplasty:

- Elimination of lateral vision reduction

- Improve the appearance of the individual

- Creating fat deposits in eyelid wrinkles

- Remove bags under the eyes

- Improving the lower eyelid, which shows the whiteness under the cornea

- Remove excess skin and wrinkles of the upper and lower eyelids


Blepharoplasty is usually performed with operations such as eyebrow lifts, facelifts and skin rejuvenation.


Before your belpharoplasty surgery, mass examinations, vision and eyelid photo taking will be performed.

If you are using anti-clotting medications, be sure to discuss with your surgeon. Quit smoking a few weeks before surgery.

This surgery can be performed in clinics and takes about 30 minutes after 5 days you can go to work.

But use sun glasses for up to a month when you are out.


What are the results of blepharoplasty?

After blepharoplasty you have a relaxing and beautiful look.

Bruising and swelling can be resolved for up to 10 to 14 days.


Is there also non-surgical treatment for blepharoplasty?

The answer is yes.

In procedures such as under-eye injections and Botox, these bad forms get corrected, however, there are methods that need to be repeated, but the surgical procedure is persistent.


Scars and blepharoplasty incisions:

These scars are very small because they are used in delicate and special beautiful yarns and by using ointments and lasers, this scars will disappear.


More about blepharoplasty:

- The percentage of satisfaction with this operation is very high because you will not experience eyelid drooping.

- Visual impairment does not occur after this operation, there may be a few hours of temporary blurring that is resolved by eye-washing.

- Problems such as infection and bleeding can be easily controlled by proper dressing, washing the place and keeping head higher compared to body in bed. (Use drops and prescribed medications at the right time)

- In the first few days it is hard to open and close your eyes, but don't worry, this problem is temporary.

- Due to the use of special and delicate techniques, we have eliminated the possibility of damage to the eye.

- Irritation of the eyes can be treated by artificial tear drops.


The cost of blepharoplasty in Iran:

The cost of cosmetic surgery in Iran is very suitable. 

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