Best time for rhinoplasty surgery

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The best time for nose job surgery in Iran / What season is suitable for cosmetic nose job surgery? / The best surgeon and cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran for nose job


After deciding to have a nose job, the question most people ask is which season of the year is suitable for nose job?

 Is heat or cold season better for nose job?

In this article, we will explain about comparing seasons and choosing the best season for rhinoplasty that can make your decisions faster and more accurate.

Seasonal allergies and nose job:

About 20 percent of the world's people have allergic problems and in changing seasons, allergic problems such as runny nose, sneezing, throat sputum, etc. Allergies start as a result of an allergic reaction, causing problems in the respiratory system, eyes, mouth, skin, etc.

People who perform rhinoplasty should not be exposed to allergens such as sneezing, nasal itching, runny nose and inflammation can change the shape of the nose and cause nasal deformity.

In people with allergies, antihistamines and so on is used to prevent allergies, which can reduce the problems of these people after rhinoplasty.

It is not possible to say exactly what season is suitable for rhinoplasty, but knowing the history of health and individual habits and recognizing the physiology of the body in different seasons and explaining it can undoubtedly be useful in preventing complications and choosing the appropriate season of surgery.


Nose job in spring:

Spring is a season in which pollen of trees, climate change can cause allergic problems in people, as well as heat in some areas also raises concerns for people, but with medication and allergy control before rhinoplasty surgery and continuation of postoperative drug therapy can be useful in controlling allergies and achieving a great result of surgery. To avoid heat, you should also have a commute out during cool hours.


Nose job in summer:

The concern of the heat in this season can cause a variety of concerns in people. High air heat according to some surgeons can cause softening of cartilage and deformity after surgery, but do not worry to avoid complications and also to relieve people's concerns, avoid going under direct sunlight during hot summer hours (10 am to 5 pm) for 14 to 21 days and then this should be observed. But in the first two to three weeks, the sensitivity to heat is higher.


Nose job in autumn:

Some people experience seasonal allergies related to climate change, especially in the early morning, after the summer or late summer and the onset of autumn and climate change. These changes can cause inflammation and nasal deformity, but with the onset of drug therapy and allergy control, complications can be prevented and there is no concern.


Nose job in winter:

The possibility of colds in people who perform rhinoplasty in winter can be one of the concerns of different people, but controlling and caring for themselves and healthy lifestyle can prevent these complications and problems. By strengthening the immune system and following the necessary follow-ups in observing some tips, we can take a good postoperative care.

These tips include hand washing and observing social distancing and not being in public and crowded places. Noted.

Also, Angels Tourism Company has 6 months free support to prevent these complications and also self-care training after surgery with daily history sheets filled out via the app, we also set up a periodic doctor's visit to your lifestyle and caring style.